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 Construction devision

Construction devision

Construction division is one of the biggest in the company and it is interlinked with other departments.

The core activities are:

  • Road construction and asphalt laying.

Company owns 2 concrete-asphalt plants with total capacity of 140 tons/hour, 2 railroad sidings for unloading of inert materials and equipped with crushing units with productivity 38 m3/hour for treatment of inert materials, 3 industrial bases and over 380 units of heavy machinery and equipment. This makes company a leader in road construction and strong contractor in the region.

Types of activity

  • Foundation

  • Brick, stone, block laying

  • Vitrescence

Special construction and installation works:

  • Trunk gas and oil pipelines installation

  • Construction of landfills and evaporation ponds with geomembrane installation and welding of HDPE liner.


  • Heat supply lines installation

  • Water supply lines installation

  • Sewage system installation

  • Pump stations for sewage dewatering

  • Construction fireproofing applying.

Structure and equipment finishing works:

  • Fireproofing of metal structures
  • Plastering
  • Flooring
  • Facing work
  • Painting and tapestry.


  • Fencing

  • Excavation works

  • Landscape works

  • Wells landscaping