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 Waste management division

Waste management division

Neftstroiservice Ltd LLP Company (NSS) has built and brought into operation the waste management facility “WTF” with full disposal circle. Waste recycling is performed on modern equipment which is made in a manner to reduce at maximum impact on environment and personnel of facility. NSS Company is provided with a big fleet of special machinery which affords to transport practically all types of wastes. Every vehicle has passed certification and has all relevant permissions and licenses.

The wastes management division was founded in November, 2003.

The department consists of employees having special higher and special secondary technical education in this sphere. Trainings on special programs of facility maintenance in extremely high risk area are conducted on a monthly basis. Safety meetings are conducted weekly. Documentation on services provided complies with all the requirements of customers and company internal policy.

Our Clients: PFD, TCO, Ersai, Saipem, KPO, Sicim and others.

Fundamental objectives of WMF are the following:

* to provide different types of containers for separate collection of waste

* to provide portable containers with covers to collect food waste

* to provide mobile vacuum units with hoses to pump sewage water from buildings, canteens and toilets and so on

Equipment used:

* ZIL container truck

* ZIL and Kamaz waste-removal trucks

* Kamaz vacuum truck

* Kamaz water truck

* Kamaz sprinkling truck

* galvanized waste containers by euro-standard - 1,1 m3 volume

* Kamaz based waste removal trucks with back loading system

* ZIL based container truck

* Kamaz waste truck with back loading system designed for 8 m3 storage hoppers

* closed type storage hoppers with volume of 8 m3

Types of waste to be processed:

* used oils

* oil contaminated soil

* oil sludge

* accumulator batteries

* fixing solution (photo waste)

* mercury-containing waste (luminescent lamp)

* automobile tires and tubes (tyre casings)

* scrap paper

* plastic material

* glass

* textile

* construction waste

* house hold waste

* food waste

* scrap metal

* wood waste

* used tires

* sewage water

* medical waste

* cartridges

* chemical waste

* air cylinders

and other.


* food waste

* waste water mud

* vegetation

* wood

* used tissues and paper towels

Branch in Aktau, micro district 2, building 47A, office 507

Tel.: +7 (7292) 75 10 61

Mob.: +7 701 908 30 78

RK, Atyrau oblast, Zhylyoi region, r/v Tengiz, micro district 3, building 4 / 5.

Tel.: +7 (7123) 03 63 41

Tel / fax: +7 (7123) 03 63 34

Mob.: +7 701 908 30 67

Branch in Atyrau, Atambaev street 7B, ABK office

Tel.: +7 (7122) 45 72 54

Mob: +7 701 908 33 46

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