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 Innovative methods of waste and recoverable resources management for complex solution of waste problem

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Innovative methods of waste and recoverable resources management for complex solution of waste problem

The main purpose of "Neftstroyservis Ltd" is to solve accumulation of production and consumption of waste, thereby, reducing the number of polygons, bunkers that are constantly forming growing in volume industrial intensive dusting landscapes.




For prevention of accidental contamination by hazardous waste of the environment, as well as waste collection problem solution both at on shore and offshore projects and for the safe transportation of hazardous waste "Neftstroyservis Ltd" uses special euro container. These containers have an international tolerance UN-Zullassung that means that hazardous waste can be safely stored in these containers while accumulation and can be transported in container either by car, rail or marine transport.


Hot-and varnished container for collection and transport of mercury lamps Hot-dip container for collecting and transporting waste oil


Container for batteries, plastic and Hot Container for oily rags and waste filters Hot


For successful implementation of the main missions in realization of zero waste production "Neftestroiservis Ltd" implements a separate collection of waste by types at the initial stage of waste formation:

Collecting glass and plastic bottles


Collect aluminum cans and iron Paper collection Collect waste wood



Sorted and collected in accordance with the specifications waste is converted into raw materials suitable for secondary processing that will reduce the volume of waste supplied to the landfill, and will be used as a secondary raw material.


From 1 kg of sorted plastic waste can be saved and produced up to 0.8 kg of recycled polyethylene which allows saving natural resources.

1. PET pellets;

2. Arbolit;

3. Fuel pellets or pellets;


The accumulation of paper, film, plastic containers and other packaging material block warehouses of enterprises and worsen waste transportation. Effective waste management system of «Neftstroyservis Ltd» is a method of waste pressing with the help of compactors (press containers) for pressing various types of waste and recyclable materials. Thereby, it allows reducing the amount of waste stored for disposal and release useful area to avoid contamination of the surrounding area and minimize expenses on their removal, decrease waste flow to landfills and incinerators.
Thus, amount of waste transportation at a time is increased and amount of waste removal is sharply reduced, saving time, fuel, labor hours.


Waste to be pressed:

  • wrapping paper and cardboard;

  • packaging films and plastic containers;

  • mixed and domesctic waste;

  • cellulose and other waste wood;

  • metal (tin, aluminum) containers.

Shredders - for pre-crushing of large and thick wall materials.
Crusher - for shredding of plastic waste.
Baling Press - for garbage and recyclable materials - baling of solid waste




Main factors of necessity to use these units:

  • Lower transport expenses

  • Saving storage space

  • Ability to sell refined products

  • Reduce the cost of waste management

  • Decrease of expenses on workforce


More effective and relevant to modern requirements is the collection and transportation of recyclable materials using special equipment and vehicles.


«Neftstroyservis Ltd» in a field of waste and secondary resources management applies:

  • operational excellence of waste collection;

  • cost saving on transportation of waste by properly selected machinery, transport and use of appropriate overloading and sorting stations;

  • necessity of sorting the waste before they are processed to landfill for dumping (which significantly reduces the amount of waste to be dumped)