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 Engineering Department

Company News

28 / 06 / 17
Сезон удался на славу!

28 / 06 / 17
Трижды золотые

28 / 06 / 17
Ақмешітке қатынаудың машақаты азаяды


Engineering Department

Company engineering department consists of employees including specialists with design experience of petroleum refining industry facilities in Western Kazakhstan. Engineering department executes the below engineering designs/calculations:

Architectural design:

  • Industrial facilities

  • Residential buildings

  • Public buildings and facilities

  • Interiors

Construction design:

  • Basements and foundations

  • Reinforced concrete structures

  • Steel structures with use of standard parts and details

  • Development of steel structure detailed drawings - structural engineering drawings

  • Design of high pressure gas pipelines

  • Units maintenance

  • Repair and maintenance services

  • Fitter and rotary equipment

Construction and underground repair work using bracketry.