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Safety and labor protection dep.


The main sphere of company business is construction of civil, social and industrial facilities, oil and gas industry facilities, infrastructures and realizing its activity in accordance with the best world standards of safety and environment protection. Basic types of activities are:

* Client’s function execution;

* General contractor and general designer function execution;

* Construction and installation works performance.

All types of work operations performed in the company are aimed at providing health, safety and prosperity of all employees and other persons (including temporary visitors, subcontractors’ stuff and state and social organizations’ representatives), who may visit work operations zones.

Company and safety and labor protection department realize their policy by taking meaningful measures which allows achieving the following:

* Provision of safety of industrial buildings and equipment of all types and absence of health risk;

* Provision of required informing, training and briefing of all employees in the sphere of professional labor and health protection;

* Provision of communication form between managers of different levels and company employees regarding problems and actions on development and improvement of labor and health protection at work sites;

* Regularization of performing overall risk assessment for development of procedures and labor protection systems;

* Accomplishment of all applicable state standards and legislative and regulatory acts in the labor protection sphere;

* Knowledge improvement on international standards and their application with purpose of constant development and development of labor and health protection management system.

Realization of measures on safety and health provision is accepted as a general corporate aim of company managers of all levels. Safety, health and industry combine into entity in our company and in this guise is a sphere of the major responsibility of line managers in industries.

Company and safety and labor protection department raise great demands in the sphere of labor and health protection to all involved in its activity organizations and persons and will support this level in future and implement regular measures of processes and strive for their improvement as far as possible.

Company is certified by ISO, OHSAS 18001 – 2007 and certificate of labor and health protection during work process is issued.



Responsibility of all company employees in the sphere of labor and health protection is stated in job descriptions, safety instructions and in OSHAS 18001:2007 standard application manual. Company expects that all employees responsible in the sphere of labor and health protection to proper execute their duties for realization of this policy. Regular analysis of safety and labor protection activity is an integrated part of top management activity in the sphere of professional protection of labor and health and part of internal audit program in this sphere.

Employees of safety and labor protection department (manager, supervisor and engineer) had qualification improvement in KarSTU institute of qualification improvement, course: “Safety and labor protection”. In order to realize general principle and main purpose, company basing on successful experience of leading companies of oil and gas industry of western countries, follows Incident Injury Free program for employees in industries. This program is the integrated element of company policy on safety and labor protection.


Safety and labor protection department was founded in1997 with a staff of 3 persons.

Currently due to the fact of company development safety and labor protection department consists of: 65 safety engineers, 200 safety watchers who provide safe work execution according to Republic of Kazakhstan normative documentation. Company facilities are located in many regions of Kazakhstan.

For the period of its activity department developed a range of programs and procedures on safety and labor protection, safety instructions, job descriptions for department employees and regarding them company employees as well its subcontractors execute the work.


Company and safety and labor protection department can provide the following types of services:

1. Provision of qualified and certified human resources

2. Development, consultation on execution documentation on safety and labor protection

3. Employees training on safety and labor protection

4. Timely qualified instruction

5. Facilities inspection arrangement

6. Accident events reasons investigation according LC (Labor Code) RoK, Chapter 37

7. Systematically current and perspective planning and accomplishment of measures regarding labor protection

8. Arrangement of regular control on safety and industrial sanitary status and fire safety rules compliance

9. Environment protection

10. Assist in achievement of above listed tasks and having a right to perform audits in other company departments with the purpose of control on correct application and execution of safety and labor protection management system.

Quality improvement of provided services is achieved by a system of preventive monitoring of activity with registration of all unacceptable situations.

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