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Quality assurance and audit department


Much attention in the сompany is paid to quality control over all stages of operation process. There is a specially formed QA/QC department in NSS in addition to generally applied quality control policy. The QA/QC department controls all operation processes per ISO 9001:2008.

The core directions of QA/QC department activity are:

* quality control of construction and installation works;

* quality analysis of asphalt and materials;

* density test of soil, asphalt-concrete, concrete;

* non-destructive test supported by the NDT division;

* overall control and improvement of enterprise business processes to meet ISO standards.

There is a laboratory for construction material quality control and laboratory for instrument and equipment calibration in QA/QC department.


Quality audit department

To verify that associated part of company management meets the standards of management system under ISO 9001, departments are audited internally with reference to ISO certificates or to those which will be referred in the near future. Department is also involved in audits of business processes and audit compliance with stipulated requirements on basic and strategic contracts.

Recently, NSS has successfully passed the audit for compliance with ISO standards and presently the term of the ISO Certificate is extended until 2014.