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Cost Estimate Department

Cost estimate is one of most important documents for the start up of construction, repair or reconstruction of any project. Thus, when a contractor for the construction is chosen, just analyzing of the estimate of expenditures does not only provide full picture of the cost of works but also allows assessing professionalism and responsibility of the company whom you can trust the construction. Cost estimate is a document developed on the project basis.

Cost estimating is one of major stages of construction start up of construction and installation works and is carried out by various ways of cost calculation: resource, resource-index, base-index and analogue project methods.
Our company has a very flexible approach to cost estimation. This is justified by the practice of construction, as well as the desire to keep our customers. Further the progress schedule and work financing schedule are developed.
Specialists of this group develop construction work schedules, justify the accepted organizational and technological chart of the construction, staffing, machinery and engineering support requirements. They describe specifics of the work execution. Cost estimate department issues estimate documentation which determines the cost of construction of new facilities; reconstruction, expansion and modernization of operating facilities, buildings and structures, utilities and improvement, repair works. Cost estimate documentation is issued in accordance with the methods of cost calculation of construction products in the RoK based on the current and base levels of prices using modern computer equipment and automated ABC-4programs having qualified specialists employed who perform their work quickly and with good quality.
The main activities of the cost estimate department are the following:

  • Performing development of local, production and summary estimates for all sections of the projects

  • Developing projects of construction organization

  • Handling preparation of tender documents.

Cost estimate department was formed in 2005. Currently, six cost engineers work in the department.