02 09.2019

Haliolla Akdrashev, the Head of NSS Tengiz branch, participated in the annual awards ceremony of the 50 most influential people in the oil and gas industry - KAZSERVICE "50 The most influential...

27 08.2019

A list of 50 most influential people of the oil and gas industry of the country  was published on  the Yedilov Online Telegram-channel.

22 08.2019

A Jana Jol project has started in Atyrau OR, in the framework of which reconstruction of intrafactory roads is performed.

02 07.2019

Turnaround at the Bolashak plant was completed ahead of schedule.

28 06.2019

Suleimen, Mali and Derin make friends  during studying in Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS, Turkey)

19 06.2019

   In Almaty there took place the open tournament of friendship in mini-football devoted to Suleimen Akdrashev's memory.

29 05.2019

At the Chinarev oil and gas condensate field, located in the Baiterek district (former name Zelenovskiy district) of the WKO, a test was taken of fuel gas to the flare processing line of the new...

27 05.2019

The second tournament  of Quran  reading contest, but among adults took place   on May 26 in Atyrau oblast Mosque. 45 readers with ages up to 35 years participated in  contest dedicated to the memory of...

20 05.2019

A Quran  reading contest, dedicated to the memory of Suleimen Ibragimuly Akdrashev  among the children up to 12 years old took place in “Imangali” Atyrau Oblast Central Mosque. The winners were...

02 05.2019

Together we can make the world a better!

26 04.2019

The prototype of the main character is Suleimen Akdrashev.

16 04.2019

A well-known   businessmen in the oblast and philanthropist, the founder of the holding “Nefestroiservice Ltd” LLP Ibrahim Akdrashev was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of Makhambet district”

12 04.2019

 The annual tournament for futsal in memory of Suleimen Akdrashev, organized by “Neftestroiservice” LLP Company   was  completed in  Tengiz rotation village.

04 04.2019

Hungarian President Janos Ader awarded Ibragim AKDRASHEV with the Order of the “Knight's Cross” for high recognition of his achievements in the development of Hungarian-Kazakh economic and trade...

19 03.2019

NSS took part in the republican action "Kamkorlyk"

11 02.2019

On the threshold of New Year Nefestroiservice Ltd LLP celebrated its 20th anniversary in one of the restaurants of the city, gathering over 400 guests on a corporate holiday. On anniversary the...

26 01.2019

Аnthem performed by the NSS  employees

27 12.2018

New Year - it's time for magic and gifts!

19 12.2018

An interview of Ibragim Shyapovich Akdrashev, a founder of Neftestroiservice Ltd LPP was published in a new issue of “Neft I gas Kazakhstana” journal....

14 12.2018

On the eve of celebration of 20th anniversary of NSS company, on Bautino base project   a significant line: 2500 days or  11 000 000 000  man hours  of   injury free, LTI free works  was achieved.

11 11.2018

3 students of the Bilkent International School and Laboratory became the first winners of the Suleimen Akdrashev scholarship. Also the book "Suleimen" was presented to the attention of the...

24 08.2018

In accordance with tradition, the NSS helps children get ready for school!

22 08.2018

Happy Kurban ait holidays!

21 08.2018

A tree was planted in the park of the Bilkent International School and Laboratory in memory of Suleimen Akdrashev.

27 07.2018

A new article about recent Charity Bike Ride was published in hot off the press  of "The Chief Atyrau" business publication.

29 06.2018

On June 27, at the Neftestroiservice Ltd LLP Head Office, Akim of the Makat region Zhumabay Karagaev awarded Ibragim Akdrashev the title “Honorary Citizen of the Makat region”. In addition to his...

18 05.2018

Collective "field trip" to the nature is the best way to draw together  the employees and to relieve the accumulated stress. Fine weather,  cheerful games, childrens’ laughter, music, tasty food  and a...

24 04.2018

A work of NSS  erection crew was duly appreciated  in UGP 3GP projects.

18 04.2018

During one year of operation 100.000 cubic meters of product were produced on concrete batch plant. FGP management congratulated NSS collective with achievement.

11 02.2018

You are in our hearts! Rest in peace!

22 01.2018

NSS successfully and in time due time  completed operating objectives  of concrete delivery  for pouring of main foundation  of  3GP gas turbine generator   at TCO Concrete Batch plant.

15 12.2017

Renewed   recreational park  and  stele  for The Great Patriotic War heroes  was presented to the attention of  Dossor citizens on the eve of  Republic of Kazakhstan Independence  holiday.

21 11.2017

On November 16, in the Dramatic Theatre after the name of Makhambet took place the «Zhasyn gymyr» long-awaited premiere performance, based on the play of Rakhimzhan Otarbayev...

18 10.2017

TOO "Neftestroiservice Ltd" -  20 years on the wave of success

17 10.2017

Akdrashev Suleimen has taken  place  in Tengiz rotation village  on last weekends.

13 09.2017

  The family day was greatly marked by the cheerful family start of the NSS employees.

05 09.2017

  There are many examples of business social responsibility in Kazakhstan. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly emphasized - "formation of social responsibility of the state and business is one...

04 09.2017

   August 24 this year, Suleimen Akdrashev would have turned 25 years old. But his heart, which underwent a complicated surgery in a far childhood, suddenly stopped in the cold February night. Tired...

04 09.2017

  The NSS this year actively supports the republican action "The Road to School" and participates in the organization of holidays for orphans, children without parental care, children from multi-child...

04 09.2017

 August 24th Akdrashev Suleimen Ibrahimuly would have turned 25 years old. Colleagues and relatives honored his memory and attended the opening of the camp.

04 09.2017

  Last weekend one of the largest events in the world took place in Shuchinsk-Borovoe resort area - the 5th charity bike ride #CharityTourdeBurabay2017. The venue attracted several hundred...

26 08.2017

The NSS is sponsoring a young Atyrau boxer trip to the USA training camp.

17 07.2017

NSS company employees  saw their children off to children's holiday camps.

29 06.2017

A special Suleimen Ibragimuly  Akdrashev Award was establish on the  Communication workers day 

15 05.2017

 By decision of ROO "Council of Generals" Presidium the  "Neftestroiservice Ltd" LLP company general manager Ibrahim Shiyapovich Akdrashev has been awarded by a memorable sign "Khalyk Khaharmany" named...

03 05.2017

On 1st of May on the Tengiz field delivery of the I phase of the production project of commodity concrete for PBR "Tengizshevroil" LLP has taken place. The plant has been constructed by forces of...

11 04.2017

(Member of the Kazakhstan oilfield services companies Union) 

25 02.2017

NSS supports Rakhmanovs family.

09 01.2017

 "Forbes Kazakhstan" submits to attention of readers the first ranking of 50 largest private companies of the country. 

01 12.2016

Kindly — not science, it is action.

13 11.2016

  Yesterday whith the NSS business development director Suleymen Akdrashev have visited special children with the diagnosis of a cerebral palsy. There was a wish to present them a little joy in vanity...

07 10.2016

We wish all inhabitants and city visitors happy birthday our favourite and native #OilCapital!

24 09.2016

Pure Saturday!

18 09.2016

At the sports & relay games which have taken place on September 18 dated for the Labor Day, the NSS team has deserved the II place!

05 09.2016

  On September 5 the celebration of the weightlifter Nizhat Rakhimov and taekwondo practitioner Deniz Zhansel was held.

11 08.2016

 "Neftestroisetvis Ltd" LLP closely cooperates with North Caspian Operating Company since 2008. During this time the NSS took part in 7 large projects of NCOC. The director of business development...

20 05.2016

  Interview of Ibragim Akdrashevchief manager of "Neftestroiservice Ltd" LLP to the republican-public publication «Bolashak Zhasar»

03 04.2016

"NSS" on a spring birth holiday!

28 01.2016

The next episode of the “Kazakhstan” TV channel program "Industrialization: National Production" is dedicated to Neftestroiservice Ltd LLP.

27 01.2016

NSS handed keys from the brand new Belarus tractor with the water delivery trailer for Islam-kazhy Myrzabekuly, already twenty years exercising supervision of the place for worship –...

30 12.2015

FC "NSS" became the victor of the leaving football season

26 12.2015

Award for the duty performed - an opportunity to perform the following one

15 12.2015

Well-deserved reward.

13 07.2015

On July 15, in the holy month of Ramadan, Nefestroiservice Ltd Company organized a small celebration for the foster children, orphans and children left without parental care of the orphanage named...

29 11.2013

On November 28 in sport center "Zhayk" of Dosmukhamedov AGU the Kazakhstan boxing championship came to the end.