The second tournament  of Quran  reading contest, but among adults took place   on May 26 in Atyrau oblast Mosque. 45 readers with ages up to 35 years participated in  contest dedicated to the memory of Atyrau enterpreneur  Suleimen   Akdrashev.

  The participants be in competition with knowledge of sura (section) of the Quran. As it was stated by the representative of the mosque, it is not easy to read Quran correctly and prettily. For this it is required to obtain   the quiet of the mind and arm yourself with patience. Quran is started to learn from letters, and only this can require from 10 days and more. Good knowledge of Quran, correct pronunciation of suras, and melodiousness of their performance were main criteria for the tournament participants. In this case a much attention was drawn  30-th  juz' of Quran “Amma”, which is literally translated as “About what”






     For your information the juz, is one of the 30 approximately equal portions  of Quran, which is read one by one every night of moth of Ramadan. Each juz consists of two   hizbs.

       Acording to the results of   tournament the first place and  trip ticket to small hajj of Umr was won by Berik Tlepbergenov. Daniar Sembayev got the second place - 300 thousand tenges, the third place was taken by Arman  Ybyrachev - 150 thousand tenges. Three more contestants won incentive prizes on 50 thousand tenges each. Several children younger than 12 years,  also participated in a tournament,   according to the decision of the commission three of  them were were awarded with 30 thousand tenges from fund of the mosque. The general prize fund of a tournament was more than 1 million tenges.




    As it was stated by Imangali Batyrzhan Mansurov  representative of spiritual government of Muslims, the chief imam of the Central Mosque, this year there are  much more   participants, and they are better prepared.

    - With all my  heart I   thank  a  large  oilfield services company of the Atyrau oblast for the given sponsorship in the organization of this event and for   invaluable contribution to prize fund, - said  chief imam of the oblast.