A list of 50 most influential people of the oil and gas industry of the country  was published on  the Yedilov Online Telegram-channel.

   The General manager of  Neftestroiservice Ltd LLP group of companies Ibragim Akdrashev was ranked on the 35th place.

   Akdrashev  Ibragim Shiyapovich was born in 1963 in Dossor village, Makat region of Atyrau oblast    in  family with many children. Kazakh.

     In 1986 he graduated  Kazan Institute of Chemical Engineering   after S.M.Kirov.  The same year  he entered   the labour force from the  position of processing system   operator  of the 5th category  in gas treatment  production facility in  Kaz. GPP  of Noviy Ozen (nowadays Zhanaozen) town. Then he was appointed as a supervisor of gas sulphur recovery unit in Kaz. GPP 

     In 1987 he was appointed as a senior dispatch in central dispatching department of Tengiz GPP.

    In 1989 he was appointed as a Supervisor of   Unit 200/300 KTL-2 TGPP, at the same time he hold an appointment  of  changeable  deputy chief production engineer.   



  From the moment of declaration of independence and transfer to market relations,  Ibragim Shiyapovich Akdrashev started to invest his own funds into Atyrau region  small and medium enterprise development. In  1997 he established Neftestroiservice Ltd LLP company (NSS), which is rendering construction and oil services. The first successfully completed works showed foreign Clients that working with NSS is not only beneficial, but also  reliable. The level of their performance complied with all necessary requirements. The local specialists proved that they are able to perform even the most comlex works as good as  foreign competitors. With this, the success story of  Ibragim Akdrashev s began.



   At the moment NSS Company is one of the most stable developing oilfield services companies in the Tengiz field with 100% share of Kazakhstan content in the authorized capital. Over 5000 people from all regions of Kazakhstan are working here. Main facilities of the company are located  in   in Atyrau city, Tengiz rotation village, WKO and Mangistau oblast. Also, the company's offices operate in Almaty and Uralsk. Projects in Tengiz, Karachiganak, Kashagan fields were at high level  operationalized  under direct supervision of Ibragim Akdrashev. Among such projects: Construction of two  oil storage tank   within the framework of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium Expansion Project (CTC), construction and operation of  commercial concrete production  plant  for the TCO Future Expansion Project, participation in the first  turnaround of NCOC, commissioning and operation works at the CGTP  1/2  plant. At the moment the company is also involved in the implementation of large projects at Karachiganak, Tengiz and Chinaryova fields. In order to train competitive personnel and solve the issue of increasing the share of Kazakh specialists in production, Ibrahim Akdrashev initiated the opening of the NSS training center in the   Tengiz rotation village  and Atyrau city.  The training center has all the necessary conditions for effective training - ergonomic classrooms equipped with modern technology and presentation equipment. There are polygons for practical classes. Training is conducted in Kazakh, Russian, English, Turkish and Hungarian languages.. Ibragim Agdrashev pays a special attention to create   comfortable living of the employees. For this the company possesses  5 residential camps for 6 thousand people,  equipped with  sports complexes, fitness rooms, a cinema, restaurant, shop, laundries  and canteens for 8 thousand people. Frequent guests here are not only employees of the company, but also employees of other companies working at the Tengiz field.For more than 20 years of history,  NSS has implemented many projects, has learned to solve complex tasks to satisfy the needs of consumers and customers. To date, NSS Ltd has grown in scale, increased staff and expanded its portfolio of projects having started its activities among many contract organizations, thereby proving its seriousness, competence and competitive ability. All this became possible due to the company's long-term policy, which is based on the principles:

  • Human protection and environment protection
  • Integrated support of performance quality
  • Responsible attitude to employees



   Ibragim Shiyapovich from the very beginning of business activity adheres to the principle of business diversification. The widely used practice in the world helps to minimize risks and develop sustainably in different spheres. As the market analysis showed, in our region the most effective direction for business expansion is food and light industry. As of today, NSS manages a group of companies working in the field of food production and service. One of such companies - "Daulet" industrial zone   is now  justly considered  one of the fast-evolving enterprises of the region. The industrial zone created in 2010 now operates: bakery plant, flour mill, pasta, canned, drinking water, sewing shop and asphalt concrete plant. 42 kiosks and 2 "Daulet" brand stores  are working in    Atyrau city  and  regions, where people can  buy high-quality products  at the right price. In addition to Atyrau oblast, products of "Daulet" IZ are sold in WKO, Mangistau, Almaty oblasts, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Harabali of   Astrakhan oblast of the Russian Federation. In the near future, it is planned to expand the geography of the sale and further increase the share of the presence of domestic products in the Kazakh and Russian markets.  It is planned to     explore expatriate community. The opening of Daulet IZ was a good opportunity not only to develop domestic production, but also to create new work places. Today the enterprise employs about 600 people from from throughout of the country. They are provided with accommodation, meals  and other amenities for comfortable work. In August 2018, as part of a working visit the Elbasy Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev visites "Daulet" industrial zone  and gave a high assessment of  the company activities.



Ibragim Shiyapovich places special emphasis  to supporting and development of social responsibility of  business. He constantly  supports to low-income population, families with many children, people with reduced capabilities,   Society for the Protection of  Children,   home for elderly people,  Great Patriotic War  vetera. 30 graduate from Aktove Alga children's home    work in NSS. Company provides them with  meals, timely salary,   and most importantly, the prospect of advancement. Also, the company bears all expenses  for their studies in colleges and universities. In 2017, in order to implement the "Tugan Zher" program within the framework of Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev 's article "Looking to the Future: Modernization of public opinion," Ibragim Akdrashev invested his own capital in the improvement of his native Dossor region. The recreation park and memorial plaque in memory of the Dossorians who fell in the War were reconstructed. The road to the holy place "Adai ata" was also laid. In the same year at   charity auction as part of the bike race Charity Tour de Burabay, Ibragim Shiyapovich purchased the bicycle of the deceased   Italian cyclist Michele Scarponi for 20.5 million tenge . All the money received went to equip children 's medical institutions.   Ibragim Akdrashev strongly support   development of regional sports and the involvement of the young generation in a healthy lifestyle. In 2018 he rendered a  financial assistance in running of   number of major sports competitions: the first charity bike ride Bike Ride Atyrau, the license World Cup on parajudo, the I Open championship of Asia on taekwondo and   trip of two Atyrau athletes as a part of the national team of Kazakhstan on the championship of Asia on mixed martial arts held in Beijing. As part of the Bike Ride Atyrau bike ride, a charity auction was organized where famous athletes put up their lots. All the collected money went to purchase bicycles and professional sports equipment for children engaged in cycling department CYSSOR (Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve) of Atyrau. Besides that, Ibragim Shiyapovich is also the founder of the Kazakh Suleimen Promotion promotion company. The purpose of promotion company - support and promotion of Kazakhstan boxing masters  and MMA. In a achievements savings box  of the young company - major victories of administered  Aidos Yerbosynuly  and Nursultan Zhanabayev on a professional  ring and a grandiose evening of boxing with participation of Kazakhstan boxers, as well as fighters from Russia, Africa, Venezuela, Indonesia, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Georgia and other countries of the world, held in Almaty in March 2019.

     Thanks to natural persistence, hard work and the desire to get better, Ibragim Akdrashev is now one of the most successful people in his industry. Aware of the social importance and responsibility of business to society, he intends to continue to contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

    Ibragim Shiyapovich is the winner of a number of state awards:

  • “Asyl enbek” order – July 20, 2015 
  • Letter of gratitude on behalf of President Nazarbayev N.A.  in honor of the 10th anniversary of independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan - December 16, 2001
  • Letter of gratitude on behalf of President Nazarbayev N.A.   for his active participation in the election campaign of Nur Otan Party
  • "Honorary citizen of Zhylyoi  region"- March 27, 2015
  • "Honorary citizen of Makat region"- 2018
  • “Enbek Danky” order  ІІІ level  - November 2018
  • "Honorary citizen of Makhambet region"- December 2018
  • “For contribution to the development of the village” badge worn on breast  - April  2019 etc.

    Ibragim Akdrashev is married and has two sons, a daughter and two grandchildren.