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Company News

28 / 06 / 17
Сезон удался на славу!

28 / 06 / 17
Трижды золотые

28 / 06 / 17
Ақмешітке қатынаудың машақаты азаяды



List of services provided by holding "NeftStroiService Ltd»:

1. Excavation work
2. Reinforcing work
3. Carpenter work

4. Concrete work
5. Road construction
6. Road asphalting
7. Welding of polyethylene pipes
8. Manufacture of polyethylene pipe fittings
9. Argon welding
10. Heat treatment of welded joints
11. Fire protection coating
12. Insulation works
13. Sandblasting works
14. Paint work
15. NDT Services

  • X-ray and gamma radiography

  • Ultrasound

  • Capillary radiography

  • Magnetic-particle inspection

  • Determination of hardness of the metal

  • Tests for density of soil, concrete, asphalt

16. Mechanical testing of metals

  • rupture test of metal and plastic of welded joints

  • bend test of metal and plastic welded joints

  • test of welded joints on impact hardness by Charpy method at high and low temperatures

  • macrosection of welding

17. Hydrotest and process piping air test
18. Metrological services: calibration and verification of pressure and vacuum
19. Manufacture, installation of metal structures of any type
20. Services for removal and recycling of waste and waste management services

  • Disposal and recycling of industrial oils

  • Disposal of accumulator batteries

  • Recycling of fluorescent lamps

  • Disposal, recycling of waste paper

  • Spent film fixing solutions

  • Fixage of mini photo lab

  • Fixage of film printing factories

  • Fixage for aerial photography

  • Fixage after processing with X-ray films

  • Fixage after processing of color photographic paper

21. Testing, inspection of lifting equipment
22. Rent of cranes
23. Autobus rent
24. Rent of generators
25. Rent of welding equipment
26. Supply of pit sand
27. Electric cables
28. Installation of cable trays
29. All types of surveying, including the GPS

  • establish a set of fixed stations of various accuracy

  • establishment of geodetic points

  • leveling of planimetric and high level networks

  • large-scale topographic surveys

  • marking works of any complexity

  • geodetic survey design

  • design of «Credo» system

30. Catering services
31. Scaffolding work
32. Pipe fitting work
33. Manufacture of sandwich panels
34. All kinds of instrumentation services

  • calibration and transfer of instrumentation equipment to metrology department

  • adjustment and programming of smart devices (transmitters) of SMART and HART family by protocol of different companies. Level gauges, temperature gauges, differential pickup, pH meters, pressure, flow gauges, etc.

  • adjustment of control valves

  • check of open\closed ranges

  • check of cutoff valves and their proximity sensors

  • calibration of instrumentation indicating devices

  • installation of instrumentation equipment

  • installation and commissioning of fire alarm and fire prevention automatics

  • inspection and verification of instrumentation installation:

    • Installation of ECP, welding cables to pipelines by Pinbrazing method;

    • Pre - commissioning of ECP at all types of underground metal structures, above ground and underground tanks;

    • Insulation inspection by DCVG method;

    • Test of circuit protection device from high voltage at protected structure and polarization cells;

    • Measurement of potential at short intervals (CIPS - test)

    • Repair of damaged test posts;

    • Repair of cabling

    • Repair of cathodic protection stations

    • Replacement of damaged anodes;

    • Installation of HVAC systems;

    • Commissioning of HVAC systems;

    • Full range of HVAC service;

    • Scaffolder;

    • Electric welder;

    • Gas welder

    • Argon welder;

    • Insulation;

    • Rigger;

    • Foam plastic of M15, M25, M35, M50 trade mark;

    • Orthopedic mattresses;

    • Paving slab;

    • Wall and roof panels ECOPAN;

    • Brochures, letterheads, corporate folders, posters, banners;

    • Business cards, labels, stickers, postcards, logos, badge design (design of a logo for clothing, embroidery, silk screen printing for notebooks);

    • Recommendations for design of commercial, office and administrative buildings. Advertising

    • Printout on a color printer, a plotter;

    • Vegetables;

    • Fruit;

    • Melons;

    • Berries;

35. Cathodic protection (CP)
36. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
37. Maintenance of water supply and sewerage networks
38. Training Centre services
39. Visa support
40. Production and sale
41. Supply of construction materials (gravel, sand, CBC, silicate brick, shell unit)
42. Repair services of hydraulic hoses of all types. Repair and diagnostics of hydraulic components and assemblies (high pressure hose, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, valves). In order to perform this work there is a work shop equipped with specialized milling metal-cutting machines (Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria), cutting and bending equipment, press machine to assemble high pressure hose (Germany, Turkey, England), stand for diagnostics of hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic hoses, fittings, clamping couplings, high pressure hoses (Germany, Italy, England, Turkey) as well as a warehouse with components of foreign and domestic manufacture
43. Wall and roof panels EKOAPAN (OSB-foam plastic-OSB), metal panels (sandwich) of 2 type (steel-foam plastic-steel, steel-foam plastic-high density fireboard), foam plastic of different thickness and type is used as a thermal insulation.
44. Rewind, repair of electric motors, anchors, starters
45. Fabrication of fire resistant clothing. Fabrication of bed linen.

46. Supply and sale of personal protective equipment (PPE)
47. Design services

48. Reloading, refueling and repair of dry powder fire extinguishers
49. Supply of fuels and lubricants (DT, AI-92, AI-80)
50. Filling gases (propane, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.)
51. Fire and security alarm services and telecommunication
52. Hotel services, rent of residential areas and offices
53. Issue of air and train tickets
54. Training on the basics and techniques of diving
55. Implementation, delivery and storage of vegetables "Raihan» farm
56. Guard services on facilities security
57. Sale of motor oils, lubricants and hydraulic oils as well as the supply of filters for special equipment
58. Consortium with Module
59. Consortium with Volgogradneftemash
60. Consortium with CCC
61. Consortium with Belkamit
62. Consortium with STR
63. Consortium with MunayGazKurylys
64. Consortium with Imstalkom
65. Consortium with LLP "Myrzabek"
66. Consortium with the project team