“NSS” on a spring birth holiday!

Weather as by request, presented the gift – was as in spring solar and fine. On the central “Isatay and Makhambet” square and along the Satpayev central avenue this Kazakh aul with snow-white yurtas, altybakan was stretched, cauldrons on tripods were placed. Near our yurta  the cauldron with fragrant meat, airy boortsogs began to boil, tempting appetite and festive mood at passersby.

    And inside of yurta the Nauryz’ fair was developed. The people with pleasure bought domestic sparkling water “Daulet Su”,“Carat” stewed meat, cookes of “Daulet Nan” bakery.

      We tried to recreate internal furniture of a yurta in the same way as it was done by our ancestors and friendly invited everyone to taste a Nauryz-kozhe and boortsogs, as a result behind a national entertainment was built the whole line.

   Our happy and full guests did not stint kind wishes. From lips of old men hoary with age words of a parting word sounded: Let New year will be safe! Will bring a lot of happiness and pleasures!

    Since ancient times was considered, the more generously you will celebrate the Nauryz – the year will be more successful. judging by a dastarkhan in our yurta, to mood and abundance of smiles – successful year is guaranteed to us.