In 2016, NSS launched its own asphalt concrete plant. The plant is engaged in the production of coarse and fine-grained asphalt. Production capacity 80 t / h. The factory employs 28 people. Production is fully automated. The plant is equipped with modern German TELTOMAT 80 asphalt mixing installation, 4 asphalt pavers, 8 asphalt rollers, 4 graders. The production uses raw materials from the Zhanaorpa-7 field in the Shetpe village of the Mangistau Oblast, where building stone is mined. Bitumen is purchased in Aktau.

  •    Coarse-grained asphalt – 20,000 tenge per 1 ton
  •    Fine-grained asphalt – 21,000 tenge per 1 ton
  •    Products are certified.

     Delivery method – pickup

Address: Atyrau, Novokorpichnoye village, A.-Zhubanova 32-A
tel: 87011830305