At the Chinarev oil and gas condensate field, located in the Baiterek district (former name Zelenovskiy district) of the WKO, a test was taken of fuel gas to the flare processing line of the new CPF-3 plant (“Central Processing Facility”).
The operators of “Neftestroiservice Ltd” LLP were involved in commissioning works together with the specialists of the Chinarev field operator – “Zhaikmunai” LLP. Since 2010, NSS is one of the direct contractors of “Zhaikmunai” LLP and this is already the second major project, in which the NSS takes an active part in commissioning. The construction part of the new plant CPF-3 is at the final stage. At the moment, the operators of the NSS and “Zhaikmunai” LLP are engaged in pre-commissioning of the production line, identifying and eliminating comments on the site.

Well-coordinated work and mutual respect between the specialists of “NSS” and “Zhaikmunai” LLP are the key factor for the further effective cooperation of the companies.

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Since 2010, Nefestroiservice Ltd has been involved in Chinarev oil and gas condensate field (ChOGCF) projects. During this time, our specialists carried out the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the CPF 1/2 plant. At the moment, the experienced personnel of the NSS is involved in the commissioning of the new plant CPF-3.