Akdrashev Suleimen has taken  place  in Tengiz rotation village  on last weekends.

   Young corporate employee, working in Tengiz field  came to pay the tribute to the memory of comrade, friend, colleague

   A serious battle unfolded between the teams in the final step. The soccer player fought for each ball and endeavored to  bring each attack  up to a shoot for goal. Finally  winning places were divided up as follows:

   Home team  “NSS” soccer club, experiencing succession of generations, won the  III place this time.

 “Chemimontazh” group showed vivid performance and demonstrated unquenchable  will to win. Their effort bear fruit in the form of  silver medals of the tournament.

   Top honour was raised by “Umirzak” collective, which can be can easily called  one of the  strongest team of the Western amateur soccer league.

   Thank-you letter and money prizes were granted to the the winners.


It is worth pointing out that Suleimen Akdrashev was a big soccer fan. An English team “Manchester United”was his favorite team. During his university days played soccer in university team in the position of defender.