There are many examples of business social responsibility in Kazakhstan. President Nursultan Nazarbayev has repeatedly emphasized – “formation of social responsibility of the state and business is one of the conditions for sustainable development.” The image, actions, public stance of Atyrau businessman and patron Ibrahim Akdrashev are a good example for those who interested in the prosperity of their land, their country.

Within the “Ruhani zhangyru” (Spiritual renewal) program the “NefteStroiService Ltd” company makes huge contribution to different social projects conducted in the region and republic in the various spheres of social life.

   “NSS” LLP is the largest oil related services organization in the region, providing the widest range of services for its customers – from the domestic sphere to the construction of large facilities and service support of the oil fields.

   According to the Forbes Kazakhstan magazine, the company is included into the list of 50 largest private companies of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the company is to bring the domestic service and construction market on competitive landscape and to the new level of development. The first works were carried out by collective of 27 workers, today the staff of the company has grown to 5 thousand people. 20-year history tells about quality of works and reputation of the company, also the impressive list of partners among whom the largest enterprises of the Western Kazakhstan, such as Tengizchevroil LLP, JSC KazMunaiGas, JSC Kaztransoil, NCOC N.V. and set of other companies.

   Ibrahim Akdrashev is interested in employment of the population of our region.  Many jobs were found by residents of the our region on the opened private industrial zone “Daulet”. The purpose of its creation – development of 100% Kazakhstan contents of food and light industry and increasing of domestic commodity production. The industrial zone “Daulet” includes the canning shop, the shop on production of drinking water, the sewing shop, the bakery and the macaroni shop. Start of a flour-grinding mill is planned for 2017.

   Within the project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” started by the Ministry of information and communications by the initiative of the president, which nowadays actively implementing in our country, we know about unusual, talented, successful and self-sacrificing Kazakhstan citizens. Its purpose – to establish cooperation with civil society on search and advance of the most perspective citizens of the country about which the general public knows a little so far. According to the head of regional management of domestic policy Zhasulan Bisembiyev, the Atyrau philanthropist Ibrahim Akdrashev is a candidate of this project.

  One of the priorities of the company under the leadership of Ibrahim Shiyapovich was and remains charity. Needy segments of the population, people with special needs, orphanages, houses for lonely aged and disabled people, veterans of the Great Patriotic War aren’t left without his attention. On production of the company more than 30 pupils of the Aktyubinsk orphanage “Alga” work. The organization provides them with housing and undertakes all expenses for training in colleges and universities. Also, the company helps graduates with acquisition of housing.

The patriotism begins with love to the earth, to the village, the city, the region, with love to the small homeland.

– As I was born in Dossor village of Makat district, I always try to give support to the small homeland, – Ibrahim Akdrashev says. – This time too, when I has addressed to mayor of the district with offers on assistance, he has stated the idea of restoration of the park for inhabitants. Here are erected a memorial wall on which names of the soldiers who have died during the Great Patriotic War. In the park arbors are also constructed, green plantings are put. 50 million tenges have been allocated for construction of the park which opening is planned on November 29.

Ibrahim Akdrashev, not indifferent to sport, traditionally sponsors for various sporting events. Neftestroyservice Ltd LLP have acted as one of the sponsors of the Championship of Kazakhstan on boxing. In September of this year, the Atyrau boxers Yerzhan Ordabayev and Amandyk Manashev will go to the USA, the company has paid their journey, accommodation and training, they will participate in educational training camps in Los Angeles, then athletes will go to Las Vegas where will meet trainers of professional boxing.

– As the businessman, the fan of boxing, I consider a duty to support our athletes in professional development that professional boxing was developed in our region, for this purpose we have all prerequisites, – Ibrahim Akdrashev says. – It is necessary that young, perspective people who stand on the fighting spirit at the level of region, the country and abroad haven’t got lost, and could reach Gennady Golovkin’s and Kanat Islyamov’s heights. If they pass these small demonstration performances in the USA, it is possible that they will be taken by the promotion companies, we will agree about their further advance in order that in the future they could protect honor of our country at world level.

   It is known that one of the making elements of the program of modernization of public consciousness “Rukhani Zhangyru” is the ”Spiritual Shrines of Kazakhstan” program directed to formation of spiritual and moral education, love and respect for history of the Homeland and enhancement of the importance of spiritual heritage. The hero of our story sacredly reveres memory of Saints and always ready to help with improvement of the holy sites. So, near Dossor the grave of the Saint Aday is located. But the road conducting to the cemetery has been broken, and it was extremely difficult to the people wishing to bow to the Saint to reach a grave. Therefore, about a month ago at numerous requests of dossor citizens, the company has repaired the road 2 km long conducting to a grave of the Saint Aday. The big contribution was brought by the company in providing the mosque of the Saint Beket with drinking water in Kulsary, having allocated for this purpose the new equipment, tractors and water trucks.

   A week ago the company has participated in the big bicycle race organized by “Asyl Miras” charity foundation. During the charity auction, the company has bought the bicycle belonging to the famous bicycle racer of the Astana team Michele Scarponi worth 20 million 500 thousand tenges. All money means obtained at the auction have been directed to the charitable purposes, in particular, on acquisition of the equipment for medical institutions of the cities Petropavlovsk, Aktobe, Taldykorgan, West Kazakhstan regions, on development of the rehabilitation centers, the centers working with children with special needs.

   – The head of our country speaks about inclusion of Kazakhstan to thirty of the best countries of the world, – Ibrahim Shiyapovich says. – Mostly, it is promoted by our businessmen. It is important that the youth aspire in business activity, move production of consumer goods forward, develop domestic production. We are grateful that we work in the independent country, where field of activity for businessmen is opened, that our President supports businessmen in order that we could develop national economy. The head of our country urges domestic business to develop patronage. The debt of each businessman – as far as possible to help the poor and sick people. This is the normal society, and we are going to it.


                                                                                          Zhanat Shayakhmetova

                                                                            Newspaper “Prikaspiyskaya kommuna”