On July 15, in the holy month of Ramadan, Nefestroiservice Ltd Company organized a small celebration for the foster children, orphans and children left without parental care of the orphanage named after Sabyr Kazybayev.

   During this event, the children sang, danced, participated in intellectual games.

   “At this joyful event, 16 youngest students are participating today. Recently, the “Gylder-ai” camp was created especially for our children. All of these children are campers of the new camp. Many thanks to the Nefestroiservice Company, for act of kindness and giving joy on holy Ramadan. They say if you see an orphan, then give support. The main thing for them is attention. There are many large companies in the region, but not all of them strive to help those in need. And our kids are always waiting for surprises. Thank you for your attention” – so sincerely thanked us the deputy director of the orphanage Gulzhan Zhumabayeva.

    In the end event the children were presented  gifts andf were invided to the festive table.

   Giving warm hearts to children without parental care is one of the main rules of Nefestroiservice Company. This is evidenced by the fact, that over 30 graduates of the orphanage “Alga” in Aktobe region work successfully in our company. In the future, NSS intends to organize and actively participate in charity events.