Interview of Ibragim Akdrashevchief manager of “Neftestroiservice Ltd” LLP to the republican-public publication «Bolashak Zhasar»

   We know you as an industrious, honest person. Of course, it is far from easy to start a job of just nine people, and today it can reach up to five thousand. Thanks to Allah, today there are enough successful people who have achieved all honest work. What is the essence of business? Why beginners are half way?

 – After the fall of the Soviet Union was hard for everyone.  It was not easy to maintain a family.  I, like all my coevals, were engaged in trade too, sold small things, I could earn something.

    Next to me there were only nine of my comrades who knew their business well when I took the first steps in the oil service. Only one own cars UAZ was available. The first time we received an order from a Hungarian company. Seriously did our work. When came into trust, other companies began to order. The main secret of business is to justify hope.   We formed a reliable partnership by honest employment. Thus, we joined the ranks. Many understand the business only unilaterally, as a source of income. The ultimate goal is not this. Business – this is a phenomenon that requires constant perfection, do not stop in one place. If a person does not think to improve, then he can not raise his business. Our team is in a constant process of perfection. The secret of success should be in this. Thanks to hard work, the “NSS” company entered the top twenty in the oil service sector of the country. It was a high assessment and a real honor from the state. And this has strengthened our responsibility. Business is a profitable business, but its task consists of continuous labor.

– All production stopped after gaining independence, the situation in the country deteriorated. It’s good that there are minerals and other riches, hoping for what is. Not all at once becomes rich, but black gold is useful for anything. When in the world of the sea dry up, probably, nothing infinite can happen. From the place where water appeared water. Disturbs the question of what will happen when oil runs out? As a person working in the oil industry, how do you assess the current production situation?

– Until now, I remember that in 1989, at the ordinary congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR and the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, N. Nazarbayev, saying “Oil does not serve those who produce it” sharply criticized hard-line policy. Today, our country in oil production is on par with many advanced states. After gaining independence in the era of the Independent country, the planned economy went into a deadlock. Instead, it was an economy based on a market system. Our country, for which the stock of raw materials only began to develop, is temporary, but has led to difficulties. And the price for oil fell to $ 9 per barrel. Compared with the time, you can be satisfied with the current price of oil. As you said, people hope for oil. And this hope was justified. World oil giants have invested our country, as a result, the oil and gas industry is developing. In comparison with the Soviet era, the volume of production has now increased three-fold.  This is a joyful result – the fruit of hard work of  current oil industry workers. The colossal funds that come from black gold are collected in the National Fund. These funds helped us several times to pull our country out of the crisis. More than 60 percent of the republican budget replenishes the income received from oil. However, there are also problems. The oil industry of the country is being modernized. It is necessary to update all obsolete equipment and strengthen economical, powerful production. This will require both capital and time.

– It was planned to diversify the petrochemical industry and recycle. It can be seen that the responsible ministry is not yet able to do this, in any case, this process is still delayed. As far as we know, private oil companies are engaged in diversification of production independently. What actions do you do on your part. Recycling of waste found its right decision?

– Due to the fact that we work in the oil industry, we can not avoid the problem of the environment. Since 2003, the company has a special workshop for the utilization of oil waste. Wastes are recycled from a special separator, resulting in a clean oil. Along with these, this shop recovers  batteries, fluorescent lamps, fixing solutions, glass, plastic, textile waste, construction waste, food, wood, medical waste. Another method for disinfecting oil waste is bioremediation. On a specially excavated site, pure earth spreads, it is plowed up, the top is sprinkled with a special preparation with diluted water. Microorganisms in the preparation absorb oil residues in the ground. As a result, we get clean land, it can be used again and even you can plant flowers. Some companies use methods of burning soil. And we work as a biological method, which does not cause harm in the environment. Also, when cleaning oil pipelines, we use a purification method with sand. Pipelines that suck oil within a day from the depth of water quickly wear out. And the domestic method of oil production is not as easy as it seems to many. Therefore, replacement of pipelines, renovation, welding requires very complex work. To solve this problem, we want to contribute, like a drop in the ocean. In the future, we plan to install oil heating furnaces, an oil dilution plant, and also want to put in operation a gas piston generator that will neutralize associated gases so as not to let the air through the torch.   Of course, this is a problem that requires a lot of capital, comprehensive analysis. Still, to implement the project, I hope we have enough resources.

– Training of specialists  for today is a significant problem. In due time it became fashionable to study for an economist and a lawyer. Deficiency of specialists who know the language of technology. All former vocational schools have now become colleges. There are a number of such young people who are ashamed to learn there. Many graduates from expensive universities are unemployed. As said – everyone has a good for him, all bosses, managers did not fall from the sky, they all achieved this on earth. At us the first profession of all akims, ministers, and deputies have begun with the technician, the builder, and even among them there were also tractor drivers. How is the personnel problem solved in the company?

–  Yes, you touched on the actual theme. A person should not be mistaken in two cases, the first when choosing a profession and the second when choosing a life partner. As the great Abai said “Everyone dreams of being lawyers or translators”, everyone dreams that their children will immediately become a boss. Will everyone get the chair of the boss about this no one thinks about. Everyone gives all their last to teach children in higher education without asking whether they want it or not. There are a lot of people with higher education and diploma. But, there are almost no real adaptable specialists. There is a wise folk saying «Kөterе аlmaityn shokpardy beline kystyrma»,  which in literal translation means do not swing a club that is beyond its power. The global crisis is hard for the people. But in such a crisis you understand and value the essence in many ways. For example, take a maintenance fitter motor transport. Now almost everyone has a car, but experts who can repair a little. Iron is iron, from time to time it has to be repaired. Nobody wants to go on foot, you have to take a long queue to repair your car. It may look like a small thing, but it is an acute need of professionals who are needed in everyday life. This is now one of the most difficult problems. There is a shortage of technical specialists in production. In our company, the requirements for specialists are strict. We consider the level of education, work experience and, of course, human characteristics.  If a person has skills and concepts such as fitting, and something else, we train them in our training center in order to raise their qualifications. The results are good. Always the essence of the matter decides the human. Competence is a common requirement for the whole sphere, it should not be forgotten!

– Now we have reached such a level that you can beat the alarm. Now there are few people who respect family values. There are a lot of divorces. And in difficult times, than now people were able to save the family. In the difficult 90 years, no one left his family because of difficulties. And now the daughter-in-law is a little bit that they immediately return to their parents. There are also mothers, mothers-in-law, parents-in-law who arise between spouses. What is the relationship to family values in your home?

 – The family is enduring value. You can talk a lot about its role in the life of man and the state. We often say that the family is a small government. Yes, today we can not hide the fact that family values are falling. «Balaly ui – bazar, balasyz ui – ku mazar»- reads the Kazakh proverb that in translation means, the house where there are children is a holiday, a house without children as a grave. The golden support of the family is its generation. I grew up in a family with many children. My late father was a simple man who fed his family with honest labor. We lived on fields like Dossor, New Uzen. He left early for work and returned late. Equal to his father, we knew the price of honest work. Zylikha mother created all the conditions for father. She was engaged in housekeeping, raising children. I have always admired the harmony in their relationship, how they respect and love each other. They never ruffled each other. All decided calmly, consistently. In the Soviet era, people lived on one salary.  It is sometimes suffices, sometimes is not enough. At that time, they both knew how to stay calm. And now all the reasons for the divorce due to lack of money. Yes, now the need is different. Children all want to study abroad, do not recognize domestic educational institutions. They want to live a carefree life, and walk from the heart. But for this, is it not necessary to work hard and fast? … What to hide, now most people are exposed to stress. Scientists say that this is caused by a pessimistic attitude to the future. Is this a difficulty, compared to when our ancestors experienced hunger and war. Our country has experienced such a burden. It is necessary to be patient and work incessantly, then surely something will come out. You will say that it is easy to talk. Black gold also did not fall from the sky. And it was not easy to mine. This is all the result of hard work. I am grateful to my family that at a difficult moment they “did not bring rubbish out of the hut.” I think that the keeper of the hearth and home is always a woman. It all depends on her. A man’s place outside the home, he must always be an earner. I think it’s always possible to keep a family if the couple will love each other, as the phrase goes, both in sorrow and in joy, in wealth and in poverty, In sickness and in health.

– Do you do sports?

   – In one Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed it is said that “from a young age teach the child to mount a horse, teach to do archery.”. All this proves that Sharia attaches special importance to the fact that one should always lead a healthy lifestyle. We were children also. Outside the lesson, we played football. I also attached special importance to swimming, and I still adhere to this. The role of sport in our company is special. We have our own football team. They participated in city, regional, local competitions and placed high. Sport is also in its own way a policy. I wish good luck for all our athletes, which glorify the country!

 –  How much the state would have wealth, but we have many poor. There is such an expression, “What is the use of beneficence when it is bad for one’s own.” If anything remains of corrupt officials … We are grateful to entrepreneurs for their generosity, that they occasionally help low-income families. Many of them actively participate in the prosperity of their native land. How do you feel about patronage?

 – As said, “Every good deed is charity.” If you do good to someone, then it returns to you. And to contribute to the development of the country, I would say it is a duty to the Motherland. Everyone in their own field is useful in their own way. Let us be supportive, at a time when compassion disappears. If it shares good, it increases. «Ole zhegenshe, bole zhe» there is a wise folk saying,   in the literal sense, should not eat too much, but rather share.  We have taken trusteeship of families of disabled people in our care. Sponsor other activities. If every year businessmen of the country give zakat (to give, attributed by the Sharia to the poor, in the amount of 1/40 of the livestock or property) and it will go down in tradition, it would be even better. And by the way, they will fulfill this one of the five duties of the Muslims, and help the needy. I think every citizen who knows how to conduct business, should be a patron of art..

-Thanks for the interview. Success in work, family happiness!



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                                                                                                          Moldir Nurman

                                                                                         Newspaper  «Bolashak zhasar»