A well-known businessmen in the oblast and philanthropist, the founder of the holding “Nefestroiservice Ltd” LLP Ibrahim Akdrashev was awarded the title “Honorary Citizen of Makhambet district”

Deputy akim of Makhambet district Sveta Amanshina and secretary of the regional maslikhat Marat Myrzashev arrived to congratulate and present the high award.
Marat Orazovich especially noted Ibragim Shiyapovich’s great contribution to the development of the agricultural sector, to improving the well-being of people, helping the poor and thanked him on behalf of the people of Makhambet district.
Also, the secretary of the maslikhat of the Zhylyoi region, Mukhtar Kenganov, awarded Ibrahim Shiyapovich with the badge of the Turar Ryskulov Foundation “For his contribution to the development of the village” The respected leaders of the region who attended the event put the hard work and success of Ibrahim Akdrashev as an example of youth, and called on the younger generation to work honestly for the good of the region and the country.