NSS supports Rakhmanovs family.

The history of this large family for a whole month was on the lips of the Atyrau people who are not indifferent to another’s misfortune. 2 years ago, because of the fire, they lost their homes. At that time the father of the family Berik Rakhmanov worked in one of the service companies in Tengiz, his salary was good. With the help of relatives and friends, he collected the necessary amount and in the same yard built a 4-room house, invented and planned interior decoration. Suddenly Berik fell seriously ill and lost his job. Plans for a cozy housing arrangement and remained on paper. Until now family with five children lives in an unfinished house, where a cold wind is walking, and the dim light of a light bulb barely illuminates one room.

   “Electricity in other rooms have not yet been conducted, there is no heating in the house. To sleep it is necessary in an embrace with plastic bottles with hot water. The husband earns money on the temporary jobs. Sometimes he has work, sometimes doesn’t. I sometimes bake cakes and sell them at the market. Four of our children study at school, after classes they want to visit different clubs, now it’s become fashionable. But we can not afford it. Also, we do not want to instill in children from childhood that we can beg, live off others, do not want to talk about our problems to the whole country. But, it so happened that good people found out about our difficult situation and began to help. People come from private companies, someone brings clothes, other building materials. You’ve brought food for a whole month. I do not even know how to thank you. Let you be rewarded from God! “- sincerely rejoices the mother of the family Mira Kozhanazarova.

   We found out that the children – Nursultan, Sarah, Imangali and Dinmukhammed dream to attend courses of mental arithmetic. “Many of our classmates go to such courses after school. They are given math easier, they quickly solve problems. We want it too, “they tell with burning eyes. NSS decided to contribute to the embodiment of their little dreams and wrote children to the course of mental arithmetic, taking over all the costs of paying for tuition and textbooks. From the first lessons Nursultan, Sarah, Imangali and Dinmukhammed showed themselves as purposeful and capable students. They did not cease to thank us, but we were very happy to support their aspirations. Children are our future. And we need to think about the future now!

Do not stay away! Any help is welcome!


You can contact with Berik Rakhmanov by number 87472971907