“Neftestroiservice” company origins begin on august, 1997, when the first of our manufacturing operations were carried out at gas processing plant. In those first days company performed the work of as a subcontractor providing production services such as scaffolding, insulation works and organization of skilled labor.

    The company has passed the difficult, but interesting way about which the founder of the company Ibrahim Akdrashev tells.

    He remembers hard times which took place:


   “When we created the company, we had only one vehicle UAZ and slightly more than twenty experts. But it were very strong experts, they represented frame of the company. Later we have signed the contract with the Hungarian company “Vedepser”. At that time we had neither an equipment, nor office. But my team round the clock worked to rise the company and to justify trust of the client. When we only just began the work, we instead of office had only a small car”.

   There were years, the company developed and got stronger. And today the “Neftestroiservice” company has grown in the scales, has increased the staff, has considerably filled up a portfolio of the realized projects, having proved thereby full independence. The ambitious and purposeful group of heads supported by the devoted working personnel consisting of more than 5000 people provides obvious proofs to the fact that the local companies can be competitive and successful in the oil and gas market of Kazakhstan.

   “Neftestroiservice” company is currently recognized as the preferred contractor  of “Tengizchevroil” company. Company fully accepts the obligation to perform and improve the system of health, safety, environment and quality control system.

   Company management systems entirely comply with ISO 90001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. Company provides regular services to customers throughout the whole project life cycle, enhanced compliance with the obligations of safety, environmental requirements and the terms of cost and supply.

   In addition to the principal activity, company manages a group of companies which provide a range of professional services in the oil and gas industry.During the period of group existence its companies have completed a great number of projects, learned to solve challenges to the satisfaction of both customers and clients.


   Having started its activity among many other subcontractors “Neftestroiservice”company have grown at the level of direct contractor of such companies as “Tengizchevroil”“Parker Drilling”“Senimdi Kurylys”“Bechtel & Enka”“Arctic Construction”, “Parsons Energy & Fluor Daniels” NCOC N.VKPO B.V.,and other companies with great experience and history, “Neftestroiservice” carried  out their  orders on engineering and construction, production and deliveries These  became possible due to company policy based on principles of:

 -Protecting people and the environment,

-Integrated support of work quality,

-Fair attitude to employees.



   For years of work the “Neftestroiservice” company has managed to master 145 various construction&installation works. In the company the prepared and highly qualified specialists are always demanded. For providing itself with own manpower, the management of the company in 2002 creates the training center. Training is provided in the Kazakh, Russian, English and Hungarian languages. The company has constructed the new plants on production of polyfoam, tin products, a sandwich panels and asphalt. Also the last achievement of the company is implementation of the “Bioremediation” project. The project includes technology of cleaning and the recultivation polluted by oil and oil products of lands with application native hydrocarbon oxidate microorganisms. Advantage of use of this technology consists in a complete recovery of an agrobiocenosis in the polluted territory in short terms. Efficiency of oxidation of hydrocarbons of oil reaches up to 99%. These technologies are most adapted to a condition of the western regions of Kazakhstan.


   The company gives serious charitable and social help in the region. Within this help in 2011 the children’s camp on 250 places has been built of the funds allocated by JSC KazMunaiGas. In 2002 the company has also constructed a recreation area “Kendyrly” in Zhanaozen. The recreation facility “Kendyrly” of 7.5 hectares is in the gulf located in 7 km to the south Zhanaozen. Since 2008 the company actively participates in the organization and holding various regional, republican and international events.

   The foundation of company’s activity is founded on justifying trust of the partners. Years of activity have proved that the company could strengthen the authority and earn trust of the large subsoil user who works in the Atyrau region.