On the threshold of New Year Nefestroiservice Ltd LLP celebrated its 20th anniversary in one of the restaurants of the city, gathering over 400 guests on a corporate holiday. On anniversary the staff of head office, Tengriz, Ural, Aktau and Almaty branches gathered. The Representatives of companies-partners also attended to congratulate the heroes of the day.

The guests complied with the dress code of the night: Men appeared at the holiday wearing suits with Kazakh national ornaments and women wore dresses with national motives.
The celebration began with the presentation of the book for the 20th anniversary of the company. It is written in Kazakh, Russian and English. The pages of the book reflect the history of the creation and formation of NSS, as one of the steadily developing oilfield service companies in Western region. The authors of the book are the Winner of an award of the Union of Kazakhstan Journalists, the writer Kenzhebek Seitmukhammedov and the staff of NSS, who kindly shared memories and photographs of different years that were dear to their hearts.
Another gift from the staff was a specially written anthem of NSS. The author of the text is an employee of the company Adilet Serik, and it was performed by employees at the anniversary party along with the famous singer Medet Karamyrza.
That evening the special words of gratitude were dedicated to the veterans of the company, which are the skeleton staff of NSS, and to this day are at the head of major projects. The founder of NSS, Ibragim Shiyapovich Akdrashev, congratulated the participants of the holiday and awarded 46 veterans who worked in the company for 19–20 years with lapel badges “For labor in the professional field” and cash prizes.
Newly married couples and NSS employees with the addition to the family did not go unnoticed. They received warm congratulations from colleagues and also received a cash gift. For foreign partners, the anniversary of NSS has become the evening of Kazakh national clothes. Foreigners especially emphasized their beauty, originality and comfort in modern realities. Among the hundreds of variations of the traditional Kazakh national clothes, foreign guests chose the 5 best dresses of the evening and presented cash prizes to the winners.
At the end of the event, a minute of silence was announced, a video was shown on the screen in memory of NSS employees who died, but left an indelible mark on the company’s history and the hearts of colleagues. The family members who came to the holiday expressed their gratitude to the team for respect and memory.
The Kazakhstan stage singers sang for our guests: Tamara Asar, Group “Format”, Nurbolat Abdullin and an opera singer Zhanasyl Toleuova. The decoration of the evening was a defile in the national dresses of the team from Aktau.
It should be noted that the company approached its 20-year mark with very good results.20 years is the time when you can remember how it all began, take intermediate results and outline the horizons for further development. NSS was one of the first local organizations that provided qualified labor to foreign companies that arrived at Tengiz field in the late 90s. NSS concluded its first contract for scaffolding installation work with the Hungarian company “Vedepser”. The first qualitatively and on time completed orders earned the trust of foreign customers, with each successful project the customer base was replenished, the quality of work improved. Thus, NSS seriously and permanently settled on Tengiz.

Now the company provides a wide range of services – from the maintenance of residential areas, laundries and catering services to traditional construction work in oil fields. Among the partners of the NSS are large companies such as Tengizchevroil LLP, Kazmunaygas JSC, KazTransOil JSC, North Caspian Operating Company N.V., Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V and others. The numbers speak more eloquently about the successes of the NSS: over 20 years we have implemented over 200 projects of various levels, 40% of the total order are repeated requests from satisfied customers. The company, which began work with 27 employees in the staff, has grown considerably in scale over the past 20 years and now more than 5,000 employees work here. NSS has experience in specific projects of both onshore and offshore complexes. We carry out work in compliance with all requirements for environment, health and safety protection. The company owns training centers in Atyrau and Tengiz, where not only their own staff, but also employees of other organizations get trained and improve their skills. NSS pays great attention to social protection of workers. Stable salary, career growth, a full social package – this is what NSS is proud of and motivates employees for effective and honest work.

The anniversary year was rich in various events. Much has been achieved, more needs to be done. The goals are clear, the objectives are defined, and the expectations are high. NSS is open to cooperation, new ideas and intends to continue to work for the good of the country and society.