Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten!

  Small concert on a big holiday organized “Neftestroiservice Ltd” within the walls of the improving “ABK” complex. In this holiday, veterans try not to pay attention to the age and not to think of illnesses, they soul and heart are glad that lived up to another anniversary of the victory. School students with pleasure play on a bayan and sang songs of military years, read verses, danced. With avaricious men’s tears in the eyes veterans told about heavy battles, challenges, fellow soldiers, deprivations, sorrows and the great joy of the Victory.   

Communication continued at the holiday table.

   “Our meeting – shows that connection between generations is not torn that youth reveres memory of the grandfathers who rout fascist aggressors on fields of the Great Patriotic War where representatives of all nationalities shoulder to shoulder battled” the veteran of war Grigory Nikolevich Panov noted. At a table someone remembered the last attack, someone – as celebrated the Victory Day in Prague, all together remembered the died fellow soldiers and thanked youth for memory and respect.

   NSS handed to heroes of a basket with food and the certificate on services of restaurant of the improving “ABK” complex 

The action came to the end with the combined photo for memory