Last weekend, the Tengiz Futsal Cup ended, dedicated to the celebration of Oil and Gas Workers Day and the 120th anniversary of the first oil production in Kazakhstan.
   The tournament was attended by 28 teams. In the first game of the group round, NSS easily defeated the TASP team with a score of 2: 0. In the second match, NSS was opposed by ISKER ORKEN squad. The game was intense; the teams counterattacked, scored goals, defended themselves and attacked again. As a result of a bitter struggle, NSS team literally managed to grind out a victory with a score of 4: 3. The last game of the group stage also ended in favor of NSS with a score of 2: 0, this time SK team was defeated.
   In the semifinals, NSS scored 3: 1 with KAIMAK team and secured a place in the finals. The final match of the tournament turned out to be less productive. NSS beat KTR with a minimum score and won the Tengiz Cup for the second year in a row.
   The best player of the tournament was recognized NSS central defender Uzakbaev Azamat.

   The second NSS team also became the owner of the cup in the Mangistau region. Here several teams fought in the tournament for the NCOC N.V. cup.
   The championship was attended by 8 teams. NSS confidently progressed from the group, scoring 7 goals against opponents and keeping their goal “dry”. In the semifinals, NSS in the class beat the team Zhas Kanat with a score of 1: 0 and got through to the finals. The final match against one of the leaders of the tournament – West Dala team turned out to be rich in dangerous moments and shots on target. In the first half, the team once hit each other’s gates. A draw was kept on the scoreboard until the end of normal time. In the penalty shoot-out series, the NSS players (3: 2) turned out to be more accurate, who raised the coveted Cup of the tournament.