Plant capacity 120m3/h

  The «Daulet» plant on production of commodity concrete offer the high-quality concrete of various classes produced according to all international standardsThe concrete is produced on  contemporary high-technology equipment in compliance with international standards. The plant has a purpose-designed accredited laboratory, which produces internal quality control of product. Continuous monitoring allows confidently to hold the high bar of product highest quality. The production is complete with  a horizontally mounted two-roll mixer unit with a volume of 2 cubic meter. It means that the plant can continuously produce up to 120 cubic meters of concrete per an hour. In such case this process  is maximally automated, this allows to produce the concrete more qualitative and stronger.

   Our products range is very diverse, we offer:

  • Production of coarse-grained and fine-grained concrete with durability class of B7.5 to B40 of various mobility;
  • Coupling and constructional expanded-clay lightweight concrete (GOST 25820-2014);
  • Construction solutions (GOST 28013-98);
  • Dry torkret-mixes (GOST 25192-2012);

   At production of concrete the high-quality additives of BASF are used providing frost resistance of concrete and the required rheological properties, i.e. its viscosity and fluidity. In the winter use of antifrosty additives gives the chance of concreting under conditions of -15 degrees.

   At the request of the customer use of other additives is possible, including:

  • Providing acceleration or slowing of gaining early strength;
  • Giving water-repellency properties;
  • Increasing sulfate resistance of concrete in the conditions of influence of salty water;
  • The reinforcing fiber for increasing strength and crack resistance of concrete.

   At the plant there is a park of concrete mixer truck, more than 20 pieces of equipment providing continuous supply of commodity concrete to the customer in any volumes around the city with Atyrau. We guarantee 100% of product quality; with us your architectural complexes will become reliable and durable.



settlement of Novokorpichnoye,

A. Zhubanov St., 32-A

tel: 87011830305