On the eve of celebration of 20th anniversary of NSS company, on Bautino base project a significant line: 2500 days or 11 000 000 000 man hours of injury free, LTI free works was achieved.

This momentous event in the history of NSS company became possible thanks to well co-ordinated work of each employee and managing personnel. Unbelievable work, dedication, and large responsibility for the live of each employee stands behind this festal occasion.
This achievement serves as a prove that NSS is able to and ready to fulfill its obligation in provision of safety and labour protection in front of the state and in front of the family of each worker. This is a big investment into NSS prosperity and stable development. Indication in 2500 days or 11 000 000 man hours of injury free, LTI free works will become our competitive advantage on the projects, where the key element is HES performance indication.

May Bautino project serve as an example for all domestic production units!