Renewed   recreational park  and  stele  for The Great Patriotic War heroes  was presented to the attention of  Dossor citizens on the eve of  Republic of Kazakhstan Independence  holiday.

 Facilities, which are essential  for village such as recreational park  and  stele  for The GPW heros were renewed  upon an initiative of “NeftestroiserviceLtd” LLP  general manager Ibragim Akdrashev  

  In  despite of  cold weather, the  Dossor citizens  from baby to adult  came to presentation. They look with an interest  at conditioned park and a monument to their grandfathers, which have overcome a     serious reconstruction. 

  – We endorse with joy the idea of  the Head of the  about participation of business communities in beautification of    the country. At its time Dossor oil became a foundation for other  oil field   development. We hope that the park will become a a haunt of fashion   of all citizens and guests of Dossor” – NSS representative Otarov Rashid    said in his speech  

   Construction of project, with an area of 7000 sq.m  and  at the amount over 70 mln tenge, took several months.   Apart from  stele   quenchless flame, benches were  installed, grass-plat is laid an area for cultural event was allocated  in the park.