Turnaround at the Bolashak plant was completed ahead of schedule.

Neftestroyservice Ltd together with CIS Kashagan successfully carried out the tasks on provision of meal and office rooms for 6000 workers of the first turnaround of NCOC on oil and gas refining unit Bolashak. In total 100 furnished office containers for 400 people, tents with the kitchen equipment, sanitary and warehouse containers were installed. Electricity, heating, ventilation and conditioning were brought in all containers. Cleaning of the territory was carried out by NSS personnel.

In total 120 employees of NSS and CIS Kashagan participated in the project of providing meal and office rooms on NCOC turnaround.
Also, as a part of “KNGS” NSS successfully executed more than 15 types of mechanical-repair works among which:

  • Cladding of 4 utilization boilers;
  • Installation of 2 sulfur furnaces;
  • Replacement and repair of a steelwork;
  • Cleaning of 2 sulfuric holes;
  • Repair of 6 combustion chambers;
  • Fitters work on 10 condensers and 8 steam drums;
  • Repair of 6 reactors, 2 reactive furnaces;
  • Cleaning and dismantling of pipelines and steam collectors and many other things.

About 1000 employees of NSS and KNGS were involved in repair work of the Bolashak complex. All work was performed in time, according to QC standards, without injuries and incidents, and estimated by the Customer as “achievement of a world class”.
At Bolashak plant the historical level of oil refining volume – 370 thousand barrels a day was reached after completion of the first turnaround.