Ap-Nafta Opereyting" LLP

   The Kazakhstan company “Ap-Nafta Opereyting” LLP is engaged in exploration and production of crude oil and associated gas on the Kemerkol field, Kyzylkoginsky district of the Atyrau region. The next settlement – Mukyr is in 24 km from the field.

   The first industrial deposits of black gold were found as early as here in 1991. According to API (American Petroleum Institute) oil density on Kemerkola varies from 863 to 977 kg/cm3. Low-sulphurous oil makes – 0,9%, low-paraffinic – 1,28%. An exit of fraction to 3000C does not exceed 13%.

 The proved field reserves on category C1 – 8,7 million oil barrels, on category C2 – 7,8 million barrels.

“Ap-Nafta Opereyting” LLP intend to become the effective and steadily functioning company in the petro and gas industry of Kazakhstan. Corporate strategy of the company is based on growth of volume of production and building of new reserves of oil and gas. We aim to promote the economic growth of the country, its social stability and prosperity. We regard health protection and labor safety of employees, and also ensuring environmental protection as of paramount importance.