«Elektrostroimontazh» LLP

   “Elektrostroimontazh LLP” began its existence at the Tengiz field in May 2003. Initially, it was an electrical service – a division of Nefestroiservice LLP, which deals with the maintenance of electrical networks. For more than 16 years of its existence, the company has significantly expanded the list of services provided and today contract work for TCO is performed in larger volumes.

   At the moment, the company’s personnel is a highly qualified and consists of engineers, electrical technicians with extensive work experience on large projects in the oil and gas industry.

   The main activity of the Company:

The installation of utility networks and systems, including capital repairs and reconstruction, including:

  • Networks of cold and hot water supply, heat supply, centralized sewage of domestic, industrial and storm sewage, installation of internal plumbing, heating and sewage systems
  • Power supply networks and outdoor lighting devices, internal electric lighting systems and electric heating
  • Power supply networks of railway lines, power supply networks and electric lighting of air transport enterprises
  • Gas networks of high and medium pressure, domestic and industrial gas supply of low pressure, internal gas supply systems

 Construction of roads and railways, including capital repairs and reconstruction, including:

  • Grounds and pavements, protective structures and arrangement of highways of the III, IV and V technical categories, as well as the carriageway of streets of settlements that are not mainline
  • Grounds and pavements, protective structures and arrangement of highways I and II of the technical category, as well as intracity trunk roads of high-speed and regulated traffic, the carriageway of main streets of municipal significance of continuous and regulated traffic
  • Foundations and topsides of railway lines

   Installation of process equipment, commissioning related to:

  • Communication, emergency protection, control and alarm systems, blocking on transport, electric power and water supply facilities, other life-support objects, as well as industrial accounting and control devices, hydraulic engineering and land-reclamation facilities
  • Special works in soils, including:
  • Installation of foundations

   The construction of supporting and (or) enclosing structures of buildings and structures (including bridges, transport racks, tunnels and overpasses, other artificial structures), capital repairs and reconstruction of facilities, including:

  • Installation of monolithic, as well as installation of precast concrete and reinforced concrete structures, laying of single-piece elements of walls and partitions and filling openings
  • Roofing
  • Installation of metal structures
  • Hydro technical and sanitation facilities, dams

   Special construction and installation works on laying of linear structures, capital repairs and reconstruction, including:

  • Trunk power lines with voltage up to 35 kV and up to 110 kV and above
  • Trunk power lines with voltage up to 35 kV and up to 110 kV and above
  • National and international communication lines and telecommunications
  • Steel tanks, including those working under pressure or intended for storage of fire and explosion hazard or other hazardous (harmful) liquid or gaseous substances
  •  Field and trunk system of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, as well as trunk lines of oil product pipelines.

   In 2019, ESM organized the Community of Culture and Safe Work, the purpose of which is to increase the sense of responsibility of each employee both for his safety and for the safety of his coworkers. At meetings of the Community, problems of adherence to HSE, notification of all ESM workers about their right to stop unsafe work, timely determination and prevention of unsafe working conditions, and other issues are discussed and solved. Success of the Community’s work is that employees of the company have become more responsible in addressing safety issues in the workplace, because the main thing is not to be indifferent.
   The Community of Culture and Safe Work allows ESM to work productively and safely in accordance with all regulatory requirements. ESM strives to achieve high quality standards, while ensuring the protection of employees, equipment, the environment, society and customers.