“Karat” LLP

"Karat" LLP

   “Karat” LLP – is a Kazakhstan company which started its activity in 1996. Activity of the company consisted in service of social infrastructure::

  •   hotel service,
  •   canteen and catering services,
  •  dormitories provision,
  •  laundry services,
  •  Office services,
  •  Bakeries, shopes, organization of leisure time– sauna, gym, swimming pool etc.

   Today «Karat» LLP is directly performing  works for TCO. Today “Karat” LLP is offering the most full range of services, such as:

  •   Accommodation arrangement, accommodation provision, catering,  road construction, repair and maintenance,
  •  concrete works, water treatment works, water recycling,
  •   Repair of platforms, dismantling of boilers, installation of gates,
  •   Gas pipeline replacement, gypsum plasterboard production, Fuel station.

    Signing of Master contract with TCO serves as one of confirmations high level trust of the company partners. The company pays much attention to recruitment and training of personnel. Health protection and safety of employees, as well as environmental protection activities are fundamental values in “Karat” LLP. All types of works and services in “Karat” LLP are carried out in strict accordance with compliance with the HSE requirements of our client and according to rules and norms of the appropriate local and international regulators. This fact is confirmed by high rates of client’s audit results carried-out audit by clients.

    “Karat” LLP throughout the whole its history keeps the trample reputation of reliable partner, effectively combining professionalism, availability necessary equipment and own production. Ability to realize works of any complexity in any interests of customers as well as aiming at creation of new production and the ideas is a serious competitive advantage.