Security agency "Кarat Security"

Security agency “Кarat Security”, security and fire alarm systems and video surveillance.

  The system of the security fire alarm (SFA) of the company offers effective remedies for ensuring fire, security and gas safety. We perform installation, adjustment, operation and technical maintenance of systems:

  • warning systems and fire alarm;
  • fire-prevention automatic equipment in production and premises;
  • systems of alarm at penetration on the protected object;
  • gas & technology alarm systems and the notification at accidents;
  • production and implementation under the order of fire-prevention stock;
  • repair and recharge of powder fire extinguishers;
  • scheduled maintenance on the prevention of a fire risk in buildings and constructions;
  • training fire technically to a minimum of responsible personnel;
  • production of fireproof processing.

Extreme attentiveness and responsibility in implementations of each specific objective, use only of the most high-quality security equipment, aiming at achievement of the best result — thanks to all this personnel of the company copes with the work at the faultless level.