SUIS RK LLP was established in February 2007 in Atyrau.

The main activities of the company are the provision of the following services:

  • Development of projects “Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)”, sections “Environmental Protection (EP)” to the working documentation;
  • Conducting public hearings on EIA projects and environmental protection sections;
  • Development of draft standards for maximum permissible emissions (MPE), maximum permissible discharges (MPD), draft standards for waste disposal (DSWS); waste management programs (WMPs), hazardous waste passports;
  • Drawing up a program of industrial environmental monitoring (IEM), an environmental action plan (EAP);
  • Preparing a greenhouse gas inventory report
  • Registration of the application and obtaining permission for emissions into the environment

   The organization has highly qualified specialists with registered licenses, who underwent training in the programs Ecologist, Era and has laboratory equipment in place to carry out industrial environmental monitoring of the atmospheric air, working area and radiation, as well as certification of production facilities for working conditions.

   More than 800 customers in total and over 1,5 thousand completed projects.



Azattyk Avenue 101-А,

tel .: 8 (7122) 755-777, 8-701-222-1979