Production Concrete

   Roads, tunnels, bridges, foundations. Everywhere the main building material is needed – concrete. His architectural decisions attach great importance.

   Ready-mixed concrete plant Daulet began its work in 2019. We offer high quality concrete of various classes, manufactured on all standards. Concrete is the standard of modern high-tech equipment. The factory has a specialized accredited laboratory, and thanks to constant monitoring, we confidently keep the level of the highest quality of our products. The plant is equipped with a horizontal twin roll mixer with a volume of 2 cubic meters. This means that we can continuously produce up to 120 cubic meters of concrete per hour. At the same time, the process is automated as much as possible, which allows making concrete even more high-quality and durable.
Our product range is very diverse, we offer:
• production of coarse-grained and fine-grained concrete with a classic strength of B7.5 to B40 with mobile mobility;
• Adherent and structural lightweight expanded-clay concrete (GOST 25820-2014);
• Mortars (GOST 28013-98);
• Dry gunite mixtures (GOST 25192-2012);

   In the production of concrete, high-quality BASF additives are used, which provide frost resistance of concrete and the required rheological properties, i.e. its viscosity and fluidity. In winter, the use of antifrosty additives makes it possible to lay concrete mix in conditions of -15 degrees C.
   At the request of the customer, the use of other additives is possible, including:

  • Providing acceleration or deceleration of gaining early strength;
    • Giving water-repellent properties;
    • Increasing the sulfate resistance of concrete under conditions of exposure to salt water;
    • Reinforcing fibers to increase the strength and crack resistance of concrete.

    The plant has a fleet of concrete mixer trucks with more than 20 units of equipment, providing a continuous supply of ready-mixed concrete to the customer in any volumes in the city of Atyrau. We guarantee 100% product quality; with us your architectural ensembles will become reliable and durable.