The plant “Daulet Concrete” offers high-quality road kerbs made in accordance with international regulatory requirements. Our road kerbs are distinguished by perfect observance of geometric proportions and high quality.

  • modern, automated production,
  • use of advanced equipment and innovative technological processes,
  • location of the production site in the immediate vicinity of the borrow pit,
  • customer focus and stable increase in production allows us to be one of the best domestic manufacturers of road kerbs.

   In the production of concrete, from which the road kerb is made, high-quality BASF additives are used to ensure the frost resistance of concrete and the required rheological properties, i.e. its viscosity and fluidity. In winter, the use of anti-frost additives makes it possible to lay the concrete mix in conditions up to -15 degrees C. Made of high-quality concrete mix road kerbs are strong, frost-resistant, moisture-resistant and durable building material.