Sandwich panel

  We offer heat-resistant sandwich panels with polystyrene wool. The thickness of the panels is – 40/50-80/100/120/150/200 cm, max length – 13 m. Panels are connected using the classic z-Lock connection, which provides high strength and density of the joint, due to the increased depth of the lock, ensures the prevention of moisture penetration into the insulation, facilitates installation work. All these properties make it possible to increase the density and reliability of the material, ensuring long service of products while maintaining all performance characteristics.

    Advantages of sandwich panels:

  • The pace of construction to 20 times higher than normal brick;
  • Complete freedom of architectural solutions;
  • The cost of construction is lower than conventional brick construction;
  • Comfort – the house is 5 times warmer than the house built in the usual way;
  • Efficiency – heating costs 5 times less;
  • Environmentally friendly – sandwich panel has no decomposition products that pollute the atmosphere;
  • Does not require the use of lifting machines;
  • Amazing seismic resistance allows you to build in turbulent geological zones;
  • Area – additional area is formed due to the smaller wall thickness.