On 1st of May on the Tengiz field delivery of the I phase of the production project of commodity concrete for PBR “Tengizshevroil” LLP has taken place. The plant has been constructed by forces of the domestic construction and oilfield services company “Neftestroiservice Ltd” LLP

   On an event the general manager of PBR “Tengizshevroil” LLP Jim De Mayo has taken a part. The project is implemented in 2 stages. The first stage includes construction of the main building, warehouses for storage of concrete and installation of the concrete mixing equipment. Today all construction works of the first stage are fully complete. At the plant the concrete mixing equipment equipped with two-roll mixers and the automated supply of inert materials, water and chemical additives is put into operation. Capacity of plant makes 200 CBM of concrete in an hour of the B15, B25 and B35 brand which are completely conforms of Customer requirements.

   “It is absolutely modern complex. Production is completely automated therefore demands smaller labor power. Recipes are entered into the computer, strain gages weigh necessary amount of the inert and knitting materials, additives and all this mixes up in the mixer. Mistakes are completely excluded during production” – the operation engineer Mihail Charlene says.

In new production of a problem on utilization of household waste, washing of autoconcretemixers and concrete pumps is planned to solve by means of the established obrudovaniye on waste management. As a result the producer will receive technical water and sand-crushed-stone mix which are subject to further use.

    “On the first stage of construction 500 people have been attracted. Now at the plant 30 workers work. The project of Future Expansion undoubtedly will make an essential contribution to economy of our country. New jobs will be created, the considerable volume of the Kazakhstan goods and services will be attracted. Our company is proud of the fact that it makes an important contribution and participates in a chain of development of national economy”, – has told the director of business development of Neftestroiservice Ltd LLP Amina Akdrasheva.

   It should be noted that during construction works the personnel of the project have stepped over a mark of 1 million working hours without injuries and incident. The general manager of PBR Tengizshevroil LLP Jim De Maillo has congratulated the general manager of Neftestroiservice Ltd LLP Ibrahim Akdrashev on achievement and has awarded with the certificate of honor.

   At present moment within the second stage of works there is a construction of two 1000 CBM tanks for water storage, the laboratory, NPS and office room are under construction. Besides test of concrete and concrete mix, the modern laboratory will be engaged in research work for optimization of concrete compositions for the purpose of his reduction in cost and durability. Also, for employees of the plant forces of the Customer will build the dining room on 100 places. Commissioning of the II phase of the project is scheduled until the end of the current year.