On November 16, in the Dramatic Theatre after the name of Makhambet took place the «Zhasyn gymyr» long-awaited premiere performance, based on the play of Rakhimzhan Otarbayev playwrighter.

 It tells about the young man, Suleimen, which studied business abroad for a long period of time, and upon coming back to his country, he wants to implement his skills and experience at home. His father runs a small shop, but keeps on dreaming to become an oilfield owner and to run it for the benefit of the common people. The father and the son are meeting  the investors, who are ready to invest money to the projects, but they face the problem of disagreement inside the country. How to prove to some persons and to the common people that not all businessmen use the common people to satisfy and reach their personal goals and ambitions, that not all businessmen are greedy? Suleiman promises his father to solve these problems but forgets that not so much time is left…

   The play premiere gathered all dramatic art connoisseurs. Suleimen’s family and friends were present too. Suleimen became the prototype of the main play protagonist. He was born in 1992 in Kulsary. From 2003 to 2011 he studied at the International School in Ankara. In 2008 he started his career in «Neftestroiservice Ltd» LLP as an insulator. Then he worked as a painter, sandblast operator, translator, planner, estimator and at other positions. From 2011 to 2015 he studied Business and Management in Exeter University (Great Britain). He was the President of the Kazakh Students Community. From 2015 he was the business development director of «Neftestroiservice Ltd» LLP. In 2016 he was assigned as «Daulet Industrial Zone» Director. Under his authority in Atyrau Region was implemented the big social project «Daulet Nan», and also the launch of the macaroni shop under the «Daulet» brand. In 2016 Suleimen won the competition «Zhyl uzdigi -2016» in the nomination as the «Best Young Entrepreneur 2016». He fluently spoke Kazakh, Russian, Turkish and English. He passed away in February 2017.

   The play is included in the theatre constant stock of plays and everyone can see it.