“Forbes Kazakhstan” submits to attention of readers the first ranking of 50 largest private companies of the country. 

30. “Neftestroiservice LTD” LLP


Revenue: 31,7 billion tenges

Branch: petroservice

First head: Beckett Ospanov

Personnel number: more than 5000 people


“Neftestroiservice Ltd” LLP is within “NSS” group and  is one of the leading local companies operating in the construction industry at Tengiz oil fields.

   Today the “NSS” group is a direct contractor of the companies “Tengizshevroil”“Parker Drilling”“Senimdi Kurylys”JV “Bechtel-Enka”, “Arctic Construction”“Parsons Energy & Fluor Daniel”“NCOC N.V” and others, carrying out for them orders on design and construction, production and deliveries.

A founder of “Neftestroiservice Ltd” LLP is Ibrahim Akdrashev.