Suleimen, Mali and Derin make friends  during studying in Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS, Turkey)

   Mehmet Ali Aidyn, which was kindly called  Mali by his friends and Suleimen  are childhood friend. About such friends the people usually say " as close as lips and teeth ".  They were pulled  together  by a common love to the football. They were fans of different teams, but it did not   at all  screen them out , but just the other way round, it pulled  them together. They spent together their free time, they studied together, they travelled together and each of them   superimposed   something of his own in their close friendship. After graduation  Suleimen came back to Atyrau,  and Mali  remained to work in Ankara. Having grownup and having changed their life focus, they  remained to be relative people to each other. 

   Derin moved to Turkey in  10 class and then that time she did not   know native Turkish language well. People respected it and always spoke  English to her. Suleimen Akdrashev was the only person, among all of them, who spoke only exclusively Turkish to her. Then other children followed his example and thanks to it  Derin considerably improved her knowledge of Turkish..

Mali and    Derin were  able not  to invite Suleimen Akdrashev’s family  to the wedding party. Akdrashevs sent a congratulation on video  to the newly wedded couple. Suleimen’s sister which, participated in celebrity   presented a wedding gift   on behalf of the family and wished the  a newly married couple  a long and happy life as a couple.