ТОО «Нефтестройсервис Лтд»


   Rotation based work. Professional choose «Neftestroiservice Ltd»

   For more than 20 years history of «Neftestroiservice Ltd» has established itself not only as one of the best construction and oilfield services companies in the Western region, but also as a good employer. We offer job applicants a vacancy both in Atyrau and in other regions on a rotational basis.

  Specialists in the construction and engineering spheres are in demand at the works on a rotational basis: fitters, electricians, welders, mechanics, crane operators, etc. Women are in demand in the administration parts, office work, human resources department, accounting.

   In modern realities, the basis of the work of any organization is qualified personnel. It is impossible – to keep the leading positions in the market without due care for employees. In the “NSS”  company a conscientious attitude to employees is one of the main priorities.

   Advantages of rotation based work at «Neftestroiservice Ltd»:

  • Accommodation services and full three meals;
  • Competitive salary;
  • Medical service
  • Training at the Company’s expense, professional growth, career progress.

    For Company’s employees all necessary conditions are provided,  both for work and for rest. Rotational villages are equipped with infrastructural facilities such as sports complexes, fitness studio, cinema, restaurant and canteens for 8 thousand people. There are shops, medical centers, laundries. The company tries to create all conditions for fruitful work and comfortable living of the personnel.

    “NSS” participates in many socially significant projects of the country. These projects are a huge experience and a springboard for career growth. The company supports initiative and hardworking specialists. Employees who faithfully perform their duties and “grow up” at construction sites will always find support in the person of the company’s management. Often, they are transferred to larger projects to develop potential and professional skills.

   The company’s long-term policy is based on the following principles:

  • Human subjects protection and  environmental conservation,
  • Integrated support of work quality,
  • Conscientious attitude to employees.

   We invite to work in «Neftestroiservice Ltd» all competent specialists.

Available vacancies:

The crane operator – with 5 years experiences of work

The auto electrician – with experience

The operator of the special-purpose equipment – with 5 years experiences of work

Drivers of the dumping park – with 5 years experiences of work

Painter – with work experience