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Ethics and compliance

          Official conduct that ensures proper communication in the collective is called business ethics. Business ethics is a concept that reflects culture and respect, respect for others. It is very important for NefteStroiServise Ltd to  observe business etiquette standards. We pay particular attention to our actions, service and respect for others. Knowledge of general ethic standards and Code of Business Conduct will help each NSS employee to act in accordance with these values and observe relevant rules and standards.

General principles of activity:

          Our working  and activity  principle are based on such main values ​ ​ as honesty, decency and respect for people. These principles apply to all of our activities, and these norms of behaviour are required from  each employee. In our overall work, we adhere to the reliability concept, transparency, teamwork, professionalism. We also believe that our company partners also adhere to these principles in all aspects of the work.

Code of business conduct:

          Code of Business Conduct includes general provisions that direct employees to apply common  business principles in accordance with our core values, such as honesty and respect for people.

It gives practical advice on how to observe legal and regulatory requirements and deal with clients,   public, colleagues. Code of Business Conduct describes the standards and code of conduct that our employees should follow. Code of Business Conduct addresses issues such as fight against corruption, national and international trade, health, labor, environment and security, and information protection and exchange.

Hot line of Neftestroiservice LLP! → 

Neftestroiservice LLP adheres to the principles of good faith, honesty and transparency of doing business and pays particular attention to the observance of these principles by our employees and partners.

With the purpose of further  positive  image cultivation, we are pleased to announce about the launch of Hot line  in order to timely identify and prevent breach of legislation and/or the Code of Business Conduct, including cases of fraud, corruption, discrimination, unethical behavior and other violations related to the activities of the NSS holding.

The Hot line reviews appeals related to bribery and corruption, violation of in the sphere of accounting, disclosure of sensetive information, uneven conditions of employment and work, unethical behaviour, threats to health, safety and the environment.

All messages received will be passed to the appointed NSS holding persons, who will ensure their professional and confidential review. In order to be able to process your message more efficiently, you will be asked to provide information about yourself!