The Green flag is quarterly  awarded to the contractors,  which demonstrated the the best  performance indicators, as per international ELC standards (enveroinment, labor relations and in social sphere) and is  some kind of recognition of its achievements in these aspects.

   For the second quarter of 2019 NSS has illustrated the highest results in hazardous materials and wastewater management it has illustrated careful attitude to the resources and effective water saving activity.

   NSS will continue to strive to maintain high standards of work, continuously improve and meet all requirements of the Customer

   On the eve of Independence Day the General manager of NSS Ibragim Akdrashev was awarded the order of the “Kurmet” for merits in the development of the economy, social sphere and active social activities.

     Akdrashev Ibragim Shiyapovich was born in 1963 in the  Dossor  village, Makat region, Atyrau oblast, in the large family.

    In 1986 graduated  the Kazan Institute of Chemical Technology named after S.M. Kirov. That year started his labor activity from the position of operator of technological installations of the 5th category in the gas processing workshop at the Kazakh Gas Refinery in the city Novy Uzen (now Zhanaozen). He was later transferred to the post of head of the gas desulphurization unit at the Kazakh Gas Refinery.

      From the moment  gaining independence and calling for support in the development of the economy and the formation of the state, the introduction of a market economy and private property rights, Ibrahim Akdrashev has invested his own capital in the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Atyrau oblast. In 1997 he established the construction company Neftestroiservice LTD, which more than 20 years successfully is performing constructive works and provides service on oil-fields. Under the leadership by of Ibragim Akdrashev at a high level were projects at the Tengiz, Karachaganak, and Kashagan fields were launched. The NSS built two oil reservoirs as part of the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) Expansion Project. Also the NSS company built and commissioned a premixed concrete plant for the TCO Future Growth Project. At this moment the company also works on Karachaganak oil-field, takes part in implementation of large projects on Tengiz oil-field.

    In 2019 NSS implemented several major projects among which: launch of its own coarse grained and  fine-grained concrete plant in the territory of Atyrau, participation in the first turnaround of NCOC at the Bolashak Complex Oil and Gas Refinery, reconstruction of a 57,000 m2-long highway in the territory of Atyrau Refinery, and participation in commissioning of the production line flare installation of the new plant CGTP  at the Chinarev oil condensate field. Due to the quality of responsibly and timely work performed, today NSS cooperates with such large companies as Tengizchevroil LLP, KAZMUNAIGAS NC JSC, KazTransOil JSC, NCOC N. V ,KPO, CCC, Worley Parsons Ltd, and others. Currently, more than 5000 employs work in the NSS.

   Ibragim Akdrashev pays special attention to the support and development of corporate social responsibility of business. In 2019, within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), NSS began the construction of two sports complexes in Kulsary (Atyrau oblast) and Akshukur village (Tupkaragan district, Mangistau region). In the 3-storey sports complex  will operate sections on kazakh wrestling, boxing, volleyball and basketball. For convenience and comfort there will also be a gym, a first-aid post, a buffet, a dressing room, a toilet and a shower room. The turnkey delivery of the facility is planned for 2020. Also in 2019, the NSS presented the city of Atyrau a new cycling school of the Olympic reserve. In the cycling school has created all the necessary conditions for the free training of 80 children from 7 to 17 years old. Children are engaged on bicycles of the domestic brand Vino Bike, developed by Olympic champion Alexander Vinokurov. Next to the cycling school, there is a specialized bike shop where can buy bicycles, bike uniforms, sports equipment and accessories from different world brands. In addition, the bike shop provides Bicycle repair and rental services. In this year, the NSS spent about 2.855.558 tenge on traditional targeted assistance for low-income families and children with disabilities.

      In April 2019, Ibragim Akdrashev was awarded the order of the “Knight’s cross” of Hungary for high recognition of services to the development of Hungarian-Kazakh economic and trade relations, promotion of the interests of Hungarian business.economy, social sphere and active social activities. For his contribution to the development of the social-economic sector, he was also awarded the title of “Honorary citizen” of Makhambet and Kyzylkogа region.

   The celebration was attended by employees and partners of the company. Handing the badge, the akim of the Kyzylkoga district Arman Bazhenov wished Ibragim Akdrashev further success in his work. The company, led by a businessman, makes a great contribution to the socio-economic development of the Kyzylkoga district.

It is worth remarking that Ibrahim Akdrashev is already an honorary citizen of the Zhylyoi, Makat and Makhambet districts.

  Batch Plant team was awarded the TCO Silver Medal for reaching 1,000,000 man-hours without incident and producing 400,000m3 of concrete from the date of operation. Impressive results were achieved thanks to the coordinated work between the working groups of the project and strict adherence to Safety. 

   NSS has been operating a ready-mixed concrete plant for the TCO Future Growth Project since 2017. The plant’s capacity is 1000 m3 of production per day. During construction work, the project staff crossed the mark of 1 million working hours without injuries and incidents. One year after operation 100,000 m3 of concrete were produced at the plant. Production is fully automated. Two parallel production lines allow timely supply of concrete to both FGP facilities and other TCO construction sites.

   Last weekend, the Tengiz Futsal Cup ended, dedicated to the celebration of Oil and Gas Workers Day and the 120th anniversary of the first oil production in Kazakhstan.
   The tournament was attended by 28 teams. In the first game of the group round, NSS easily defeated the TASP team with a score of 2: 0. In the second match, NSS was opposed by ISKER ORKEN squad. The game was intense; the teams counterattacked, scored goals, defended themselves and attacked again. As a result of a bitter struggle, NSS team literally managed to grind out a victory with a score of 4: 3. The last game of the group stage also ended in favor of NSS with a score of 2: 0, this time SK team was defeated.
   In the semifinals, NSS scored 3: 1 with KAIMAK team and secured a place in the finals. The final match of the tournament turned out to be less productive. NSS beat KTR with a minimum score and won the Tengiz Cup for the second year in a row.
   The best player of the tournament was recognized NSS central defender Uzakbaev Azamat.

   The second NSS team also became the owner of the cup in the Mangistau region. Here several teams fought in the tournament for the NCOC N.V. cup.
   The championship was attended by 8 teams. NSS confidently progressed from the group, scoring 7 goals against opponents and keeping their goal “dry”. In the semifinals, NSS in the class beat the team Zhas Kanat with a score of 1: 0 and got through to the finals. The final match against one of the leaders of the tournament – West Dala team turned out to be rich in dangerous moments and shots on target. In the first half, the team once hit each other’s gates. A draw was kept on the scoreboard until the end of normal time. In the penalty shoot-out series, the NSS players (3: 2) turned out to be more accurate, who raised the coveted Cup of the tournament.

   On September 28, as part of the social responsibility of NSS, the opening of a new bicycle school took place. The event was attended by Chairman of the Council for Physical Culture and Sports of the CIS Member States Serik Sapiev, famous judoka Maxim Rakov, professional boxers Aidos Erbosynuly and Nursultan Zhanabaev, 2019 World Boxing Champion Bekzat Nurdauletov, bronze medalist of the world championship Abylaykhan Zhusupov and head of the physical culture and sports department of Atyrau region Rinat Ibragimov.

   Haliolla Akdrashev, director of NSS Tengiz branch, congratulated the Atyrau residents on the long-awaited opening of the bike school and wished the trainers success in educating future Olympic.

   During the event, 20 children from needy families were handed bicycles and grocery baskets.

   The cycling school is located on the ground floor of house 48 in the Nursaya microdistrict. Here all the necessary conditions are created to teach 80 children from 7 to 17 years of age free of charge.

Suleimen, Mali and Derin make friends during studying in Bilkent Laboratory and International School (BLIS, Turkey)

Mehmet Ali Aidyn, which was kindly called Mali by his friends and Suleimen are childhood friend. About such friends the people usually say ” as close as lips and teeth “. They were pulled together by a common love to the football. They were fans of different teams, but it did not at all screen them out , but just the other way round, it pulled them together. They spent together their free time, they studied together, they travelled together and each of them superimposed something of his own in their close friendship. After graduation Suleimen came back to Atyrau, and Mali remained to work in Ankara. Having grownup and having changed their life focus, they remained to be relative people to each other.

Derin moved to Turkey in 10 class and then that time she did not know native Turkish language well. People respected it and always spoke English to her. Suleimen Akdrashev was the only person, among all of them, who spoke only exclusively Turkish to her. Then other children followed his example and thanks to it Derin considerably improved her knowledge of Turkish..

Mali and Derin were able not to invite Suleimen Akdrashev’s family to the wedding party. Akdrashevs sent a congratulation on video to the newly wedded couple. Suleimen’s sister which, participated in celebrity presented a wedding gift on behalf of the family and wished the a newly married couple a long and happy life as a couple.

Haliolla Akdrashev, the Head of NSS Tengiz branch, participated in the annual awards ceremony of the 50 most influential people in the oil and gas industry – KAZSERVICE “50 The most influential people”-2019

He received an award from Anuar Erkinovich Zhaksybekov, Chairman of the Management Board of Embamunaigas JSC. It is symbolic that this year the award ceremony coincided with the celebration of the 120th anniversary of Kazakhstani oil.

To compile the rating of the most influential oil workers, leading experts of the oil and gas and oilfield services sectors of Kazakhstan are involved. Among the experts: experienced journalists, analysts, employees of consulting agencies, as well as representatives of large companies. In the assessment, the main focus is on the economic impact of companies on the local market. Criteria are taken into account such as the value of the company, its share in the oil production market, taxes paid to the budget, the staff of qualified employees, the position of the candidate, as well as the social and economic importance of companies in the industry.